Combat Uniforms feature 2-sided design.

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Breathable, ergonomic, and fire retardant, FIGHTEX Combat Uniforms feature knee and elbow protectors to ease crawling and bending, contributing to soldiers' survivability and mission success. Reversible fabrics are printed on both sides, each with different design, enabling adjustment of uniforms to any type of environment. For example, one side of fabric can provide camouflage for green areas such as forests, while other side camouflages soldiers in desert or urban environments.

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Eurosatory 2012: FIBROTEX Technologies Launches FIGHTEX - a New Generation of Smart, Two-Sided Combat Uniforms

Using the most advanced materials, these lightweight, ergonomic uniforms contribute significantly to soldiers' survivability and mission success

Petach Tikva, Israel, - Fibrotex Technologies - a leading provider of advanced static and mobile camouflage and deception systems for armies and security forces worldwide - will launch FIGHTEX, its smart, next-generation, two-sided combat uniforms at Eurosatory, June 11-15, Paris, Israel Pavilion, Hall 6, at Booth # D759.

The new generation of uniforms was developed together with special units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), based on conclusions drawn from an in-depth study of recent conflicts. Combining knowledge from the extreme sports domain together with their expertise in the area of smart textile and camouflage fabrics, the company developed advanced materials that are extremely breathable and ergonomic - qualities that have proven critical during intense operations in extreme weather conditions. In addition, FIGHTEX uniforms are specially designed for maximum operational capabilities and comfort level, as evidenced by their knee and elbow protectors, which ease crawling and bending.

Exceptionally durable, the combat-proven uniforms are lightweight and fire retardant. The reversible fabrics are printed on both sides, each with a different design, enabling the adjustment of uniforms to any type of environment - thus enhancing soldiers' survivability. For example, one side of the fabric can provide camouflage for green areas such as forests, while the other side camouflages soldiers in desert or urban environments. Patterns and properties can be fully customized to precisely match any cover requirements.

The company offers a complete fighter package by integrating the uniform with a range of items, including winter uniforms, vests, load carriers, etc.

At Eurosatory, the company will also showcase the FIBROTEX Multi-Spectral Camouflage Signature Management System. This is a lightweight, easy-to-handle system that protects personnel and equipment from being detected in the modern battlefield. This highly sophisticated solution covers all known sensors within the electromagnetic spectrum - UV, Visual, Near IR, Thermal, and Radar.

The FIBROTEX Static Camouflage screens are made of a single layer (called 2D camouflage net) and have the unique capability of being printed on both sides, allowing the operator to be fully camouflaged when fighting in mixed terrain. One net can be used in both desert and forest areas - or any other required combination - delivering a significant operational and logistical advantage.

According to the company's CEO, Mr. Amir Kozlovski, "We are pleased to introduce FIGHTEX, a new generation of combat uniforms, the result of an extensive R&D process accomplished together with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). These new uniforms contribute to the success of the mission due to unique properties that increase soldiers' comfort and ease of movement. Their camouflaging capabilities in the Visual as well as in the Infra Red range also safeguard soldiers' lives in hostile territories. In addition to the IDF, we see strong interest in these uniforms among a number of other armed forces around the world."

About FIBROTEX Technologies

Fibrotex Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures advanced static and mobile camouflage and deception systems for armies and security forces worldwide. The company is also a leading supplier and manufacturer of specially-designed decoys for tactical and strategic applications. ISO 9001-certified, Fibrotex is the sole supplier of camouflage systems to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and enjoys the fruits of more than 30 years of operational and field experience working with fighting units. The company constantly strives to improve its products in order to meet future threats and comply with future requirements. Fibrotex engineers, chemists, and physicists work closely with field marketing groups, to keep up with the latest trends in detection, and to counter them with increasingly more effective concealment measures. Fibrotex has been developing camouflage systems since the early 1970's. The company was the creator of the 2D camouflage doctrine, and was the first to introduce these types of products, which are being used today worldwide.

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Yosef Kraus

VP Marketing & Sales

FIBROTEX Technologies

office: +972 3 9223586

mobile: +972 54 5730799

fax: +972 3 9223533


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