Columbia Marking Tools Investment in New Product Development Pays Back Big in 2010 with Their Release of a Completely New Line of I-Mark(TM) Dot Peen & Diamond Scribe Type Marking Machines, Controllers and Software

Columbia Marking Tools, based in Chesterfield Township MI., supplies direct part marking equipment for metal and plastic materials to small, medium and large manufacturers. They help companies solve part traceability issues by providing part marking tooling, machinery and automation solutions. Their products include: stamps, hand tools, hot stamping units & machines, impact marking units & machines, roll marking machines, dot peen marking units & machines, diamond scribe units & machines, laser marking units & machines, vision systems, partial or complete automation and supporting tooling for all direct part marking methods.

In 2004, demand for CMT products forced them to expand, they doubled their manufacturing floor space and moved into a new 35,000 sq. ft. facility in Chesterfield Twp, Michigan. "The vast majority of part marking equipment suppliers are from Europe. We are launching our most complete and technologically advanced products ever on our 50th anniversary and they are all 100% built in the USA" says Andy Ruzzin, Vice President of Sales at CMT.

The new I-Mark(TM) line of equipment machines include: the I-Mark(TM) Machine benchtop series with marking envelopes up to 200mm x 200mm, the I-Mark(TM) Integrator Dot-Peen and Diamond Scribe series with smaller foot prints for easy integration and up to 8 characters per second marking speed, the I-Mark(TM) Custom series with marking envelopes to 250mm x 500mm. All machines come standard with linear way guideways and optional items include ballscrew drive, servo motors with encoders for even faster marking speeds, electric or pneumatic marking heads, programmable Z axis.

The I-Mark(TM) controller features include: our industry leading I-Mark(TM) application software, configurations for stepper or servo motors, possibility to run multiple marking heads from one controller, possibility to run any make of marking head from one controller(16) 24 volt optically isolated digital I/O points, Harting connector for I/O points, binary select feature for automatically selecting & executing multiple programs, Ethernet 10/100 Base T communications, ability to connect from 1 to 100 marking units and be able to receive feedback on the status of all systems from a remote computer and USB connections for easy data transfer.

"CMT is a privately held company and over two years ago our owners made a very bold decision to invest heavily in new product development," Ruzzin said. "This decision has poised us to take the marking industry by storm with products that have advantages in price, marking speed, communication capabilities, integration capabilities, build quality and of course being MADE IN THE USA is a bell that we ring at every opportunity."

Columbia has expanded its international distribution network to include the countries of Canada, Mexico, Europe, China & Brazil. This in conjunction with the status of the US dollar against foreign currencies has CMT projecting large increases in both sales and market share for both domestic and international market places in 2010.

CMT is not buying into the "last one in rust belt turn off the lights" mentality, in fact Ruzzin says "these products will move us from being a national player to being an international leader in providing cost competitive marking products & technology without shifting any production to a third world country, now that is worth talking about".

About Columbia Marking Tools and I-Mark(TM)
Columbia Marking Tools and I-Mark(TM) are a leading designer and manufacturer of metal and plastic marking equipment including stamps, roll marking dies, numbering heads, roll marking and impact marking machines, standard & custom laser machines, standard and custom dot-peen / scribe marking and UID/2D Square - Dot® machines. For more information, visit or

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