Color Sensor provides sorting and color verification.

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Utilizing 24 LEDs for color detection on textured and other difficult materials, microprocessor-controlled Model CS24D can be taught to recognize up to 15 colors, and communicates results via 4 discrete outputs. Windows-based ColorSense software is provided for configuration and optimization. Targeted for on-line applications such as those in automotive industry, sensor accurately determines best color match regardless of surrounding colors and most ambient light variations.

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Delta's NEW CS24D Color Sensor

Delta's NEW CS24D Color Sensor offers a practical and effective backup to the human eye for sorting and color verification

July 20, 2007- Vancouver, WA. Focusing the power of 24 ultra-bright LEDs for superior color detection on textured and other difficult materials, Delta Computer Systems' compact, new CS24D Color Sensor takes a big step in performance and value. The microprocessor-controlled CS24D can be taught to recognize up to 15 colors and includes easy to use, Windows-based ColorSense software for configuration and optimization.

Color sensors are widely used in the Automotive industry to support Just in Time programs where verification is required to ensure that the proper color components are being processed. Targeted for on-line applications like these, the CS24D distinguishes among up to 15 different colors and communicates the results via four discrete outputs. And, unlike the human eye, the CS24D color sensor quickly and accurately determines the best color match regardless of surrounding colors, most ambient light variations, and whether it is the beginning, middle or the end of the worker's shift.

All of Delta's color sensors and sorters are based on Delta's patented pulsed LED technology and offer the benefits of rugged, long-life, solid-state lighting with a wide range of colors from blue to near-infrared. The CS24D reads colors of textured and other difficult materials more accurately than typical color sensors by using a large sensing area and consistent, diffuse lighting from its 24 ultra-bright LEDs. Sorting can be done using color only, both color and intensity, or can be optimized to the Teach data. And Delta's powerful ColorSense software includes Setup Wizards and Teach Modes that deliver fast configuration, teaching, and optimization of sensors operating either stand-alone or connected to PLCs.

Delta CEO, Steve Nylund stated, "The human eye is a wonderful thing, but for color sensing on automated lines, the CS24D simply performs better." Nylund added, "And with the intelligence in the sensor and the software, you can achieve excellent results without requiring an expert in color sensing and analysis."

The CS24D Color Sensor with ColorSense software is available in several models with a variety of sensing areas and standoff distances.

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