Color Measurement System supports inline and offline use.

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Operating contact-free at distances up to 50 mm with measuring geometry of 30°/0°, colorCONTROL ACS 7000 has 9 mm measuring spot with accuracy of ΔE <0.08. Several operating modes are available, enabling users to perform measurements between color distance ΔE and reference value: ΔE(CMC), ΔE99, ΔE94, and ΔEDE2000. For spectral measurements, user can choose between different color spaces; L*a*b*99, L*c*h*, and L*c*h*99 compliment conventional XYZ, L*a*b*, and L*u*v*.

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Online Colour Measurement System: New Features

The three-range method typically used for colour sensors can measure a maximum colour distance of ΔE > 0.5. However, more demanding industrial requirements require test systems that can achieve a colour accuracy of ΔE < 0.1. At present this is only possible by using colour measurement systems based on the spectral value method. A year ago, Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec introduced the first online measurement system of this kind – the colorCONTROL ACS 7000 with a ΔE < 0.08. New features have now been added to this system.

The innovative colorCONTROL ACS 7000 colour measurement system is used where colour sensor measurements are not accurate enough. The system operates contact-free at distances up to 50 mm with a measuring geometry of 30°/0°. The measuring spot is 9 mm with a measurement accuracy of ΔE < 0.08. The measurement system provides a number of operating modes: users can employ one of several methods to perform simple measurements between colour distance ΔE and the reference value: ΔE(CMC), ΔE99, ΔE94, ΔEDE2000. For spectral measurements, the user can choose between different colour spaces: L*a*b*99, L*c*h*, L*c*h*99 were added to the conventional XYZ, L*a*b* and L*u*v*. Improved lighting brightness compensation and improved temperature compensation now support spectral measurements for lighting and plasma colours. All modes support measurement speeds up to 2 kHz.

colorCONTROL ACS 7000 can be used for both production line measurements (inline) and for laboratory or sample measurements (offline). This measurement system is suitable for automotive paint inspection, interior colour measurements, forensics, foils, injection moulding, wood, veneers, textiles, printing, medical technologies, and coating technology.

MICRO-EPSILON Eltrotec has more than 30 years’ experience in the quality control of colour. Based in the German town of Uhingen, the company is part of the Micro-Epsilon Group.

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