Color-Coded Boards enable one-glance inventory management.

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Kanban CardView® Systems, including Next-Job(TM) Board and the Kanban Do-Done(TM) Board, promote workflow and inventory management efficiency in lean manufacturing settings. Boards hold up to 828 cards in 17 different colors to communicate to all employees. Offered in various sizes for use in any work cell or common area, boards use red and yellow taped card pockets to signal critical inventory levels or need to immediately start or complete production of certain parts.

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Magnatag's Kanban Cardview Systems Allow and Display Inventory Management and Priority Production in One Glance

Macedon, NY - December 7, 2006 - Nothing is more important in a lean manufacturing setting than workflow and inventory management. Managers and employees struggle with easy, efficient and consistent communications channels through which to track inventory levels and prioritize jobs. Magnatag's line of Kanban CardView® Systems, including the Next-Job(TM) Board and the Kanban Do-Done(TM) Board are keeping manufacturing facilities running efficiently.

"In this day and age of computers, some things just work best the way they used to be and a well-organized, well purposed Kanban system does just that in a lean manufacturing facility,'' said Wally Krapf, founder and President of Magnatag Visible Systems. "In one glance, workers and managers know what needs to get done now and how the inventory is taking shape. It's the best example of how smart visible communications systems save time, increase efficiency and help keep a facility running in top shape."

The boards hold up to 828 cards in 17 different colors to effectively communicate to all employees. Red and yellow taped card pockets are used to signal critical inventory levels or the need to immediately start or complete production of certain parts. The Kanban CardView® systems have simplified critical communications needs in hundreds of facilities.

Customers report that the Kanban CardView® Systems are having a lasting and immediate impact in their facilities:
o "They are simple and effective for visual load leveling," said a lean manufacturing coordinator at a Lexington, KY battery manufacturer. "We have them in our supply areas as well as each work cell. With the boards we always know which job we need to work on next. No time is wasted, we are always working the top priority order."

o "The boards are great for job loading. We use the red and yellow lines to tell when supplies are low, so we knows to build those parts first," said a materials manager at a 500-employee auto body parts plant in St. Clair Shores, MI.

o "This is the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method at its best," said a supply chain coordinator in Brea, CA.

The Kanban CardView® Systems come in various sizes for use in any work cell or common area in a lean manufacturing setting. Board systems start at $199 and volume purchase pricing is available. For more information on all Kanban CardView® Systems, visit

About Magnatag® Visible Systems

Magnatag® Visible Systems, located in Macedon, NY, is a leading manufacturer and direct provider of industrial-quality magnetic printed whiteboard kits and organizational tools for displaying information in the workplace. Magnatag has designed, patented, manufactured and directly furnished visible information display kits and products for 39 years to industry, business, government, institutions and organizations. With over 2,300 different task-specific kits, they enable managers across all industries, business, government, institutions and organizations to visibly organize, plan, schedule, track, update and communicate ongoing workplace activities 24-7 to everyone involved.

"No Time is Wasted. We are Always Working on the Top Priority Order," one manager reports.

Customers K.I.S.S. and Tell of the Benefits

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