Collet Chuck does not require external hydraulic system.

Press Release Summary:

Equipped with double pistons for optimal clamping force, JAP207-B42 Cylinder-Integrated Collet Chuck works with standard B42 collets and has built-in air cylinder. Chuck repeatability can be within 0.03 mm, and dead length design ensures workpiece's position will not be changed when in operation. Front-mounting design facilitates installation.

Original Press Release:

JATO Precision Further Completes JAP200 Cylinder-Integrated Collet Chuck Product Line by Releasing New Model JAP207-B42

Taichung, Taiwan, May 07, 2007-JATO Precision, the professional designer and manufacturer of collet chucks, diaphragm chucks and air cylinders, is proud to announce the release of JAP207-B42 Cylinder-integrated Collet Chuck, further completing JAP200 Series Cylinder-integrated Collet Chuck product line.

With its first debut in last September, JATO JAP200 Series Cylinder-integrated Collet Chuck soon became the best selling product in Q4, 2006. This year, JATO released JAP207-B42 model that works with standard B42 collets, offering more options for collet chuck users. JAP207-B42 also has a built-in air cylinder, saving you from purchasing and installing a hydraulic system. JAP207-B42 is equipped with double pistons, ensuring strong clamping force. And the real front-mounting design makes the installation revolutionarily easier than ever.

JAP200 Cylinder-Integrated Collet Chuck is precisely manufactured and assembled. Chuck repeatability can be within 0.03mm. JAP200 Series Cylinder-integrated Collet Chuck now has 3 models: JAP206-5C which works with 5C collets, JAP207-16C which works with 16C collets, and JAP207-B42 which works with B42 collets. All models have dead length design, meaning that the workpiece's position will not be changed when in operation. To learn more about this self-contained collet chuck or JATO Precision, please visit or contact JATO via email:

About JATO Precision
In 1981, JATO Precision Industries Incorporation started out as a designer and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic chucks. With the mission to provide tailor-made products, JATO Precision has fulfilled customers' needs with its high accuracy chucks for the past two decades.

In recent years, JATO's chucking technology has taken a leap from conventional chucks to micro meter ones. With greater accuracy, faster speed, and more delicate clamping force, JATO's super precision products take chucking operations to a higher level, making accuracy-critical applications and fragile part-clamping tasks possible.

Along the way, JATO's unique designs have been patented in many countries, including Germany, United States, and Japan. And yet, JATO Precision didn't stop here. JATO keeps striving for introducing better products into this market. Super precision, easy installation, and manageable cost are what we promise to offer.

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