Collaborations in Neurosurgery: MRI Interventions' ClearPoint System and Monteris Medical's NeuroBlate System Utilized Jointly to Enable Laser Ablation of Brain Tumor

First Joint Utilization of the Two Technologies Facilitates Technically Simple, Minimally Invasive Ablative Surgery for Brain Tumor at UCSD

IRVINE, Calif. and MINNEAPOLIS - MRI Interventions, Inc. (OTCQB:MRIC) and Monteris Medical, Corp. jointly announced the utilization of their respective product platforms, the ClearPoint® Neuro Intervention System and the NeuroBlate® System, at UC San Diego Health System to enable minimally invasive (MR-guided) laser treatment in a patient afflicted with glioblastoma, a type of brain tumor. In a procedure led by Dr. Clark Chen, MD, PhD, Chief of Stereotactic and Radiosurgery and Vice-Chairman of Academic Affairs, MRI Interventions' ClearPoint System was used to establish the path to the tumor while Monteris' NeuroBlate System was used to ablate (heat) tumor cells. The entire procedure was performed within a diagnostic MRI suite at UC San Diego Health System.

The NeuroBlate® System from Monteris is a MRI-guided system which allows surgeons to use lasers in a minimally invasive manner to destroy brain tumors. The System interfaces with an active MRI for visualization of the target area to enable surgical decision-making.

The ClearPoint System is the only available navigation platform that allows neurosurgeons to operate under continuous intraprocedural MRI guidance. The direct visualization of events as they occur during surgery allows neurosurgeons to observe the progression of instruments and devices in relation to the patient's anatomy and to make adjustments in real time. This MRI-guided intraoperative navigation is made possible by the ClearPoint System.

Using the ClearPoint System, Dr. Chen was able to see and select the tumor in the brain, establish the desired trajectory, and visualize the NeuroBlate laser probe on MR images as it was inserted into the tumor. He then engaged the NeuroBlate System's laser probe and the Monteris M*Vision™ software with real-time MR thermometry to monitor destruction of the tumor cells.

MRI Interventions' Business Development Manager and clinical engineer Geoffrey Bates attended the first case. "The two products worked together seamlessly," said Bates. "I was very pleased to see that our efforts to establish compatibility have resulted in a laser ablation procedure which can occur completely within a diagnostic MRI suite."

"We are happy to announce the completion of this NeuroBlate System with ClearPoint joint case," stated John Schellhorn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Monteris. "Our customers are eager to use tools that make surgical visualization and targeted therapy easier. We look forward to many more successful collaborations in the future."

Kim Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer of MRI Interventions, said, "This case is representative of the kind of partnerships that drive innovation in our field. Working together, we can help physicians change patients' lives for the better."

About the NeuroBlate System®

The NeuroBlate System is FDA-cleared to ablate, necrotize or coagulate soft tissue encountered in the discipline of neurosurgery through the application of thermal therapy. The NeuroBlate System is a tool, and not a treatment, which is used by physicians to address various medical conditions including brain tumors. This press release discusses glioblastoma multiforme type brain tumors. The NeuroBlate System is not indicated to treat, cure, prevent, mitigate or diagnose any specific disease, including glioblastoma multiforme. Full prescribing information for the NeuroBlate System is available at

About Monteris Medical, Corp.

Monteris Medical is a privately held company developing devices for minimally-invasive, MR-guided neurosurgery. Monteris markets the NeuroBlate® System for controlled, volumetric ablation of brain lesions. Monteris also offers the AXiiiS® Stereotactic Miniframe; a single use platform for image-guided trajectory alignment, and the AtamA™ Stabilization System for MR based procedures requiring versatile head fixation.

About MRI Interventions, Inc.

Founded in 1998, MRI Interventions is creating innovative platforms for performing the next generation of minimally invasive surgical procedures in the brain and heart. Utilizing a hospital's existing MRI suite, the company's FDA-cleared and CE-marked ClearPoint® system is designed to enable a range of minimally invasive procedures in the brain. In partnership with Siemens Healthcare, MRI Interventions is developing the ClearTrace® system to enable MRI-guided catheter ablations to treat cardiac arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation. Building on the imaging power of MRI, the company's interventional platforms strive to improve patient care while reducing procedure costs and times. For more information, please visit


MRI Interventions Contact Information:

David Carlson, CFO


Monteris Medical Contact Information:

Kathryn Meintsma, VP Marketing


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