Cold Therapy Tape helps heal and support.

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Flexible and conformal, Ice Tape cools by evaporation to deliver instant relief from swelling and pain associated with strains, sprains, and bruises without causing undesirable pressure. Product does not involve chemical reaction; users soak tape and apply to injured/sore area. Gel-embedded, self-adhering tape cools while it supports and may be used on people as well as animals. Equine Ice Tape is specifically designed to treat arthritic joints, soft tissue, tendons and ligaments.

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Fieldtex Products Inc. Now Distributing Ice Tape

Instant relief from swelling and pain associated with strains, sprains and bruises

Rochester, NY - Fieldtex Products is at it again! The company, well-known for continuously expanding their product base, is now pioneering Ice Tape. Ice Tape is sold in rolls and cools by evaporation. The product is unique in that it does not involve a chemical reaction; you simply soak the tape and apply to the injured/sore area. In addition to distributing Ice Tape, Fieldtex Medical will also sell the product on their website. Fieldtex is extremely excited to be able to offer an effective, cheap substitute to ice, which can be messy and hard to secure. Making this product available to consumers will help thousands of people every year who face minor injuries such as sprains, strains and swollen joints.

Fieldtex Products Inc. was founded in 1973. The company is dedicated to manufacturing premium custom cases and distributing superior quality first aid and medical supplies. Fieldtex Medical has tested Ice Tape and is confident in the product's ability to treat injured areas. Consumers can get instant relief from swelling and pain associated with strains, sprains and bruises by using the innovative, gel-embedded, self-adhering Ice Tape that cools while it supports.

Ice Tape is not only used by people- consumers are also buying the product to treat animal injuries. In fact, Fieldtex Medical also carries Equine Ice Tape which is specifically designed to treat horse injuries. The leg wrap reduces inflammation and treats arthritic joints, soft tissue, tendons and ligaments. As a bonus, Ice Tape is flexible and conforming, therefore it won't cause undesirable pressure that occurs from ice cube boots or stiff refrigerated freeze packs.

Whether you're looking for an addition to your first-aid kit, or stocking up the trainer's office, Fieldtex has all sizes and quantities of Ice Tape. Order a roll today and see why consumers are in love with this product. Remember it's clean, conforming and natural. Also if you're looking for any other medical supplies or sports medicine equipment- Fieldtex Products is the place to be!

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