Cold Air Guns Offer Versatile Spot Cooling

Sub-Zero Air Stream Improves Machining of Materials

The Vortec Cold Air Gun delivers a stream of sub-zero air to create an effective spot cooling solution for a wide variety of process, fabrication, production and assembly applications. The frigid air generated by the Cold Air Gun can also extend tool life, improve product finish, and allow increased feed rates on dry machining of plastics, composites, metals, and other materials. Using only factory compressed air, the internal vortex tube separates the compressed air into hot and cold air streams to generate temperatures as low as -30°F or refrigeration up to 6000 BTUH; all with no moving parts to wear out or maintain. Its highly reliable operation is backed by a 10-year warranty. The Cold Air Gun's easily adjustable temperature and airflow settings and instant on/off capability makes it simple to adapt its cooling ability to the application. The Cold Air Gun system comes equipped with a 5-micron auto-drain filter, an integral muffler for quiet operation, and a magnetic swivel base for easy installation.

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