COL-MET TWS Total Waterborne Solution: Special NACE 2009 Package.

Rockwall, TX - COL-MET TWS (our total waterborne solution) is a combination of technologies, configurations and systems that meet your specific waterborne flash-off requirements. Consult your paint supplier or jobber and ask for their personal recommendation for what fits your specific finishing requirements... and then let Col-Met fill those needs.

Our set of solutions, known as COL-MET TWS, includes:

o EVO PORTABLE - Our EVO-1 portable tower with rolling stand, includes manual timer for setting cycle time, and doesn't require extensive air purification system.

o EVO STATIONARY - EVO-4 Four Tower System comes standard with three adjustable velocity cones per tower to increase air speed as required. Towers operate independently or simultaneously as object sizes vary. System includes four towers, power/remote control panel, wiring harness, and in-booth remote switch. Multiple tower systems available for larger booths or when paint manufacturers require higher air speeds.

o VS VARIABLE-SPEED SYSTEM - This system is standard with Col-Met Evolution Series 1 spray booth and high-capacity industrial heated AMU. Precise air speeds, heat and time set point controls to meet all paint manufacturers' requirements.

COME SEE US AT OUR NACE BOOTH #2966, or for more information on our entire line of waterborne flash-off systems, please visit or contact:

Col-Met Spray Booths

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