Col-Met Spray Booths "Smart Touch" System Now Comes Standard on Every Col-Met Oven

Rockwall, TX - Col-Met Spray Booths introduces our new Smart Touch Oven that incorporates the latest in touch-screen technology for minimum complexity and maximum flexibility, and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology.

There are four batch modes displayed on the touch-screen: 1) Buzzer, 2) Buzzer and Second Temp Set Point, 3) Auto Cool-Down and Shutdown, and 4) Full Auto. In Full Auto mode the oven will light itself, start the batch timer when the oven is up to temp, shut the flame off at the end of the batch time, cool down, and kill the fans.

Col-Met has incorporated a troubleshooting guide in the screen, which will immediately show the current status of every component on the oven. The majority of the Smart Touch Oven comes pre-wired, even on our unassembled ovens, so there is much less wiring to deal with during installation.

Our Smart Touch touch-screen system is now standard equipment on every Col-Met Oven. For more information on our Smart Touch Oven, please contact:

Col-Met Spray Booths

Rockwall, Texas

Phone: 972.772.1919

Toll Free: 888.452.6684

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