Coin Cell Holders eliminate secondary assembly operations.

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Covering battery sizes BR1225/CR1225 and BR2032/CR2032, EZ Coin Cell Holders include single-piece SMD holder that lets 20.0 mm dia x 3.25 mm thick coin cell be securely connected to PCB. Tin-plated product, manufactured in phosphor bronze, comes on tape and reel packaging suited for automatic placement systems. Products also include 3 contact/insulator style devices; 2 are low-profile, SMT products available in tape and reel, while other is through-board (vertical) mount device.

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Harwin Adds New Size Coin Cell Holders to Its EZ-BoardWare Range

Reduces assembly time, cuts cost, saves space

Salem, New Hampshire, Harwin, manufacturer of hi-rel interconnect solutions and cost-saving PCB hardware products, has expanded its EZ-BoardWare range of PCB hardware products with four new coin cell holders. As with all the EZ-BoardWare products, the EZ Coin Cell Holders - which cover battery sizes BR1225/CR1225 and BR2032/CR2032 (12.5 and 20.0mm diameter) - are designed to reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating time-consuming secondary assembly operations.

The new parts include a single-piece SMD holder designed to allow 20.0mm diameter by 3.25mm thick coin cells to be easily and securely connected to the PCB. Manufactured in phosphor bronze and tin plated, these products are available on tape and reel packaging, ideally suiting them to automatic placement systems. Also newly launched are three contact/insulator style products, two of which are low profile, surface mounted products available in tape and reel, while the other is a departure from the rest of the EZ-Boardware range, being a space-saving, through-board (vertical) mount device rather than an SMD.

Comments Bill Neukomm, Vice President, Harwin Inc: "Like all Harwin's innovative EZ-BoardWare family of PCB hardware, the EZ Coin Cell Holders increase manufacturing flexibility, reduce manufacturing costs, save space and improve in-field maintenance. They are mechanically strong, yet facilitate easy battery removal and minimise installed cost. Typical applications include on-board power supplies to drive memory circuits, across a broad range of markets from consumer electronics through industrial and control systems to the Mil/Aero arena."

About Harwin
Harwin is a manufacturer of standard & custom interconnect components with an enviable reputation for high quality and exceptional customer service. Harwin has been successfully manufacturing electronic components for more than 50 years. Harwin's sales and service extend worldwide via offices and manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, Germany, Singapore & Taiwan and a world wide distribution network. Products include: High Reliability devices; RFI & PCB Hardware; and an extensive range of industry standard interconnection solutions. The company operates a continuous product development program, and offers a custom connector design service.

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