Coil Winding Machine winds transformers rated up to 100 KVa.

Press Release Summary:

Model 9204 accommodates work as large as 50 in. OD x 12 in. high. Modular design comprises powered winding and taping heads as well as 3 work rotation rollers and support rollers, each with their own gear motor. Machine handles round solid wire up to AWG 3 and rectangular wire up to 1/8 x ¾ in. Taping head winds polyester and Nomex tape as wide as 1½ in. Model 9204 allows toroidal transformers to be used in place of lamination type transformers.

Original Press Release:

The World's largest Automatic Coil Winding Machinery for Toroidal Transformers up to 100KVA

Alpha-Core, Inc. of Bridgeport, CT, together with GuangRi Electronic Machine Company of Guang Dong, China, has developed the world's largest toroidal coil winding machine to wind transformers with power ratings up to 100KVA. GuangRi's model 9204 Coil Winding Machine will accommodate work as large as 50" OD x 12" high. (1270 mm OD x 305 mm high). It can handle round solid wire as heavy as AWG 3 and rectangular wire up to 1/8" x ¾", (3.2 mm x 19 mm). The taping head can wind polyester and Nomex tape as wide as 1 ½" (38 mm). The modular design comprises individually powered winding and taping heads as well as 3 work rotation rollers and support rollers, each with their own gear motor. The components are mounted on cross beds and the winding and taping heads are positioned by motor driven spindles, which also serve to move the heads out to totally clear the work area during insertion and removal of the core by means of an overhead lift. The new model 9204 will make it possible to use toroidal transformers in applications where the less efficient and bulkier stacked E/I lamination type transformers have been the only choice. Although the power ratings of toroidal power transformers have gradually been increasing over the past two decades, 20KVA for single-phase applications has been the limit. Model 9204 can handle cores that will allow production of up to 100KVA transformers used by Electric Utilities for power distribution serving industrial, residential and commercial customers. Other applications include "bushing" style current transformers for power stations. The reason toroidal transformers have long been the preferred choice is their reduced size and weight, typically 50% along with important features like low profile design, low or no hum and reduced operating temperatures due to lower losses. Saving half the space and weight when using a toroidal transformer will allow designers of all kinds of heavy machinery and equipment to consider the benefits of using toroidal power and isolation transformers now when power ratings up to 100KVA are available. Please contact Ulrik Poulsen, Founder and CEO of Alpha Core Inc. for more information about the new model 9204 toroidal winding machine. Telephone 203 335 6805 or by email to GuangRi Electronic Machine Company, Ltd. is ISO 9001 certified. The company is the largest manufacturer of toroidal winding equipment in China with over 60 percent of its home market. Alpha-Core, Inc. was founded in 1982 as a manufacturer of toroidal cores of grain-oriented silicon steel used in production of toroidal power transformers, inductors and lamp ballasts. Now also a distributor of automatic winding equipment, Alpha-Core has another high quality product to offer its customer base in North America.

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