Cohesive Flexible Technologies Opens Registration to "Elastic Server(TM) On-Demand" Virtualization Platform

Releases Community Edition platform with significant new capabilities including community contributed software components, shared virtual server templates, and Amazon EC2 autodeploy.

CHICAGO, Illinois-Feb 19th, 2008-Cohesive Flexible Technologies (CohesiveFT) today announced open registration for its Elastic Server(TM) On-Demand (ESOD) Community Edition which has been in private beta since July '07. The free Community Edition has key new capabilities including the ability for users to upload their own software packages and applications for use in assembling, deploying and managing virtual application stacks.

"ESOD Community Edition is a free Internet platform for independent developers and individual enterprise developers to take advantage of virtualization and cloud computing utilities like Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)", said Patrick Kerpan, CTO at CohesiveFT. "It allows them to take their application stack 'recipes', capture them, and reproduce them as virtual servers automatically with both speed and quality", he added.

Damien Tanner, co-founder of New Bamboo, the UK-based Ruby on Rails consultancy said, "Elastic Server On-Demand lets us generate identical server configurations in different virtualization formats so everyone can be running their preferred staging environment locally using Parallels or VMware, whichever they prefer. Then the beauty of being able to take the same configuration and deploy it to EC2 for a live staging deployment is just amazing. "

Craig Heimark, CohesiveFT's CEO, said "ESOD is the first service to offer developers and operations complete control of their server assembly independent of which virtualization or cloud technology they require. The ability to allow the independent developer community to jump into cloud-computing in this way is an important dimension of our overall service offerings."

Timothy M. O'Brien, independent consultant and technical author, said "To my experience, if a company used Elastic Server On-Demand for a smaller enterprise application the direct savings would be the cost of one systems administrator. It is well-known that when a complex enterprise architecture contains many components administrators usually look to the development staff to provide initial setup and ongoing production support. CohesiveFT addresses this inefficiency by automating the assembly of the system architecture. "

CohesiveFT's platform allows customers to build and manage applications for virtualized infrastructure. Using a "built to order" process, customers assemble a downloadable, cloud-deployable, application container in the virtualization format of their choice.

CohesiveFT's built-to-order virtualized application stacks:

deploy to all major virtualization formats including the Amazon Cloud (EC2)

are given a unique encapsulated identity and MAC address

and injected with management and integration

Kerpan explained, "Significant customer demand led to the release of the 'build your own components' capability. The most requested feature from our private beta was 'how do we make our own code elastic?' It feels great to begin making that possible."

Pricing & Availability

Registration for the ESOD community edition is available at the CohesiveFT website ( The ESOD community edition is free to use and is intended for individual developers and non-commercial, non-production use. In 2008, CohesiveFT intend to release commercial editions of ESOD including a Personal, Team and "Team of Teams" Editions.

About CohesiveFT

Cohesive FT was founded in 2006 by principals with deep backgrounds in Enterprise IT, Commercial ISVs and multiple successful startups. Cohesive Flexible Technologies enables customers to build and manage applications for virtualized infrastructure. Our solution, Elastic Server On-Demand (ESOD), is a cost-effective,virtual machine automation solution that enables customers to gain business advantage from the new opportunities in data center computing, reducing application infrastructure complexity while increasing agility and customer control.

CFT has offices in London, Chicago and Palo Alto.


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