Cognos 8 Go! Search Supports IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition

Combined offering allows customers to quickly and easily search across business intelligence and enterprise information-

BURLINGTON, Mass., Dec. 19 /- Cognos (Nasdaq: COGN; TSX: CSN), the world leader in business intelligence and performance management solutions, today announced that Cognos 8 Go! Search supports IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition, new enterprise search software from IBM and Yahoo! The combined offering will enable users to discover and analyze information on demand by searching business intelligence managed by Cognos 8 Business Intelligence and other content stored across the enterprise.

IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition enables departments and businesses to quickly and easily find, access and capitalize on information stored within organizations and across the Web. The combination of Cognos 8 Go! Search and IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition gives users a single consolidated view of performance information including dashboards, reports, analyses, metrics information, and events. As a result, companies can immediately gather the right information, take action to improve productivity and the quality of decision making and increase the value of their BI investments.

Cognos 8 Go! Search extends Cognos' leadership and commitment to its customers. It exposes valuable BI content to a broader audience by easily allowing the full content of reports, analyses, dashboards, metric information, and events to be searched by IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition. Using simple keywords and phrases, users can find the most relevant Cognos 8 BI content in context with other applications and processes, giving customers one complete view of company performance. With a single search, organizations can now find all enterprise knowledge, whether it's locked in their BI environment, corporate intranets, web sites, enterprise content management systems or other content stores, to gain insight, uncover risks, identify new opportunities and drive efficiencies.

"Enterprise search is an important capability all organizations should have. Combined with the power of leveraging Cognos business intelligence data, we can better help our joint clients use their information as a strategic asset," said Jon Prial, vice president, Content Management and Discovery, IBM. "Cognos and IBM are delivering solutions to help customers find information across an enterprise, no matter where it resides, to recognize business opportunities and become more agile."

"As a Strategic Alliance Partner, our mandate with IBM is to deliver innovation that eliminates technology barriers for our joint customers and provides real business value," said Rob Rose, Chief Strategy Office at Cognos. "Today's announcement speaks to the agility of the BI search platform that we've enabled with Cognos Go! The approach we've taken continues to provide the fullest and most flexible search solution for enterprise customers."

Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) delivers easy-to-use BI with the right context, through familiar interfaces, at the right time. To further enable faster and more effective decisions, Cognos offers additional access options that bring BI to familiar working environments of every worker. Cognos 8 Go! Search helps users easily and instantly find strategic BI metrics and information. Cognos 8 Go! Office lets users view, interact with, and refresh Cognos 8 BI reports, analyses, and metrics within Microsoft(R) Excel(R), PowerPoint(R) and Word. Cognos 8 Go! Mobile helps users make more informed decisions in context anywhere anytime to quickly improve individual effectiveness and organizational performance when mobile, while enabling IT to further leverage existing investments in Cognos 8 BI and continue lowering the overall cost of ownership.

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