Cogiscan Introduces Several New TTC products at APEX

Cogiscan will be introducing new hardware and software products supporting machines from leading vendors, including Cyberoptics, DEK, Ekra, Essemtec, Fuji, Juki, Koh Young, MPM, Mydata, Samsung, Siplace, Teradyne, Universal Instruments, Viscom, VI Technology, and others.

BROMONT, CANADA, Mar 9, 2011 - Cogiscan, the leading track, trace and control solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce the introduction of several new products.

Forced verification for MPM, DEK and Ekra screen printer. This new solution includes a sensor to detect when the cover of the machine is open. This triggers a request for the operator to validate the machine setup, including solder paste, stencil, squeegees, etc. The kit also includes a cycle stop controller to physically stop the machine until all the required elements have been validated. This kit can be installed on any brand, model and vintage of screen printer.

SMT Machine CAMX adapters. Several new machine models have been added to the Cogiscan library of CAMX adapters. These adapters are used to gather real-time material and process data from production equipment. This data can be shared via an IPC standard CAMX broker with Cogiscan TTC applications or any other third-party software, such as ERP, MES and internal traceability systems. The new adapters support machines and software from leading vendors including placement machines from Fuji, Juki, Mydata, Universal Instruments and Siplace, as well as screen printers from DEK, reflow ovens from VI Technology, AOI from Cyberoptics, Koh Young and Viscom, X-Ray from Teradyne , ICT from Teradyne, and the SMD storage unit from Essemtec and Mydata.

RFID Smart Feeder Upgrade Kits for Samsung placement machines. This machine upgrade kit enables closed-loop setup validation and traceability for existing machines and feeders. This system reduces machine downtime during changeovers and replenishment and it reduces the risk of human errors.

Cogiscan Co-President, André Corriveau explains; "We constantly develop new products to maintain our leader position as the industry experts for material control and data collection. We offer a unique turnkey approach, covering both hardware and software because we feel that getting accurate real-time data is the most challenging and critical part of any tracking and traceability project. All the new products that we are introducing at APEX this year will allow our customers to get even more value from their existing equipment and software systems. They can pick and choose any hardware and software module to fill functionality gaps and further automate existing processes. These point solutions can seamlessly integrate with various software systems, including ERP, MES and internal traceability applications."

For more information, interested parties are encouraged to contact Cogiscan on +1 450-534-2644, or

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