Cockpit Audio Recorder aids accident investigations.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for OEMs that build data systems for mass transit vehicles, CockpitRecorder 6™ captures last 6 minutes of audio prior to trigger event and saves it to non-volatile memory. Device features mono microphone input and single 8 Ω speaker output, both via standard 1/8 in. mono audio plugs. Audio recording is continuous after record switch closure or power on until either stop switch closure or power loss. Audio recording then stops and audio is saved for post-event examination purposes.

Original Press Release:

Computer Modules, Inc. Launches Cockpit Audio Recorder for Accident Investigations Aboard Mass Transit Vehicles

CockpitRecorder 6™ Designed for OEMs Who Build Data Systems for Use Aboard Trains, Buses, Ferries, Mass Transit, Military Vehicles, and Other Moving Vehicles Subject to Accidents Caused by Operator Errors, etc.

San Diego, California – Computer Modules, Inc. (CMI), a trusted supplier to systems integrators for over 25 years, is pleased to introduce their innovative audio recorder specifically designed for capturing the last six minutes of audio prior to a trigger event. The new CockpitRecorder 6™ unit can withstand an impact of high G’s and a wide range of operating temperatures.

The recorder was designed to back up audio interactions within mass transit systems and is designed to operate in harsh environments.  Since the recorder has no moving parts, setup is simple.  

It is an "Always On" device requiring audio input and a trigger button connection.  Even after a sudden loss of power the unit will back up the last six minutes of audio to nonvolatile memory.

The unit is designed for post crash or post event examination purposes.

"The CockpitRecorder 6 is capable of continuously recording over a period of years.  When a trigger event happens or power is removed, the unit stops recording and retains the last six minutes of recorded sound with excellent audio quality," commented Laszlo Zoltan, Vice President of Computer Modules, Inc. "This recorder is ideal for transportation, military, and aviation systems, or as a radio communications recorder. We have also implemented many functions to meet our customers' special needs."

Supplemental Information for Press Release


• Audio is recorded with high quality on solid state memory

• User control interface is switch closures and power

• Stores up to 6 minutes of mono speech and/or sounds in nonvolatile memory with excellent audio quality

• Sampling rates up to 44 KHz at 16 bit resolution -- lower rates allow longer storage times or faster storage

• Mono microphone input and single 8 Ohm speaker output, both via standard 1/8 inch mono audio plugs

• Audio recording is continuous after record switch closure or power on until either a stop switch closure or power loss, audio recording then stops and audio is saved

• Audio is saved in Non-Volatile on board memory.  This audio may be played back by a play switch closure or after a power loss, re-applying power and then play switch closure.

• Parallel interface is switch closure or TTL/CMOS compatible – the board has pull ups on all switch input control signals

• Audio recording commences on power application but even so, no previously saved data is lost unless another power loss or stop switch closure occurs

• Two LED control signals provide users with operational status

• Bypass mode allows microphone input volume setting and speaker output volume setting

• Hardened Enclosures for Survivability can be supplied upon request

Suggested Retail Prices: 

CockpitRecorder 6:  $895 U.S. each, List Price

CockpitRecorder 6 with optional Line In/Line Out stereo connectors:  $945 U.S. each, List Price

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