Coaxial Valves operate from vacuum to 7,500 psi.

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Featuring PowerTube(TM) technology, MK series valves offer 25 msec bubble-tight positive shut off depending on size in applications where leak-testing is a prerequisite. Units feature - 326 to 756°F operating temperature range and leak-free bi-directional pressure-balanced operation. Integral actuators help make MK series coaxial valves compact, low profile alternatives to conventional solenoid valves on helium and other gases.

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New Powertube(TM) Valve Technology Provides Leak Free Service on Helium and Other Gases

Pendell, PA (August 2007) - Co-ax valves' PowerTube(TM) technology is built into each of its MK series valves. The fast (25 milliseconds depending on size) bubble-tight positive shut off is ideal for applications where leaks simply cannot be tolerated, or where leak-testing is a prerequisite.

The co-ax MK 10 is available as a normally closed, or, normally open valve. And because the valve is engineered to accommodate pressure imbalances in either direction there are no check valves required. This feature further reduces process complexity, simplifies test stand design and maintenance and reduces the initial cost of OEM design and manufacture.

High cycle life, fast actuation and leak-free bi-directional pressure-balanced operation are all built into the co-ax PowerTube(TM) concept. Integral actuators help make the MK series coaxial valve a compact, low profile alternative to conventional solenoid valves on many gases in addition to helium.

For more information about the array of co-ax valve solutions, visit the web site, or contact:

Mr. Ralf Hinz
Director: Applied Technology
co-ax valves, inc
(215) 757-3725

About co-ax valves, inc.:

Headquartered in southern Germany, the company's North American operations are located in Philadelphia, PA. The company's solidly focused on debottlenecking flow related process and machine level valving problems. To do that we bring to bear an array of customized valve solutions integrating such features as bubble tight shut-off, bi-directional pressure-balanced designs, low energy and high cycle life, fast actuation, integral actuators and directly controlled valves that eliminate the need for internal pilot orifices. Many of these technologies and some of the designs are proprietary.

We know a lot about unusual and demanding applications. The exceptional accuracy and superior reliability of our coaxial PowerTube technology together with its huge operating range from vacuum to 7500 psi and from - 326°F to 756°F consistently allows us to debottleneck our customers' process or OEM design constraints.

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