Coastal Technologies, Inc. Picked by VALMET for PT OKI “The World’s Largest Pulp Mill”

CTI, a leading mist eliminator company in the pulp and paper industry, has received an order from Valmet for the supply of key mist separation equipment in their evaporator system for OKI Pulp and Paper Mills in South Sumatra, Indonesia. Upon completion, OKI will be the world’s largest pulp mill.

“The design complexity of new Kraft pulp mills has increased considerably over the last five years. VALMET has delivered the majority of evaporation plants during this period of time equipped with CTI Mist Eliminators. Another step forward in the trend of increasing design complexity taken in the OKI project concerned capacity and efficiency. “Our cooperation with Coastal Technologies (CTI), who supplies efficient, large scale mist eliminator solutions, has contributed in meeting our customer’s higher demands in terms of capacity and operation efficiency.” Lars Petersson, Director Recovery Systems, VALMET.

“We have designed and manufactured proven high quality mist eliminators for industrial process and power applications for over 29 years. Today, that alone is no longer enough,” indicates Norman Mansson, VP CTI. “We must also deliver complex, technically challenging supply solutions that often require a large number of elements to mesh together synchronously to optimize equipment production efficiency. Also, by working closely with our customers in the early design stages, integration of the largest framed mist eliminator assemblies possible within our customer’s vessels during the vessel fabrication process thus maximizing production capacity and efficiency. And finally, because our customer’s work may be located world-wide, there are often logistical challenges.”

In the pulp and paper industry, CTI provides mist separation equipment for evaporators, NCG service, bleach plant and lime kiln scrubber service, recovery boiler scrubbers, and in-plant air cleaning scrubbers. Additionally CTI is active in chemical, pharma, and food related evaporation and crystallizer applications, the primary metals industry, geothermal steam separation and scrubbing service, marine SOX and many other industrial applications.

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