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Coalescing Filters feature 3-layer design.

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Coalescing Filters feature 3-layer design.

Dec 28, 2011 - Offering efficiencies from 93-99.9999% at 0.3 micron range, Coalescing Filters have inner and outer layers that act as pre-filter, according to flow. Middle layer, made of binder-free borosilicate fiber/microglass, serves as coalescing portion of filter. Constructed with microns from 1-75, pre-filter removes large quantities of dirt particles before entering coalescing part, maximizing filter life.

Original Press Release

New Coalescing Filter for the Compressed Natural Gas and Liquid Natural Gas Vehicle Market

Press release date: Dec 27, 2011

Allied Group's new type of coalescing filter is constructed of three layers. The inner and outer layer act as a built-in pre-filter, according to flow. This is also the drain layer and support layers. The middle layer, "binder free" borosilicate fiber/microglass, is the coalescing portion of the filter. The pre-filter removes large quantities of dirt particles before entering the coalescing part, thereby increasing the life of the filter. Efficiencies range from 93% to 99.9999% at the 0.3 micron range and rated to over 5000 psi.The pre-filter can be constructed with microns from 1 to 75. We will custom design for new applications or cross reference competitive filters for existing applications.

We manufacture filters for the OEM market, engine converstion market and aftermarket. Filters are used for trucks, buses, cars and small engines. We have the capabilities to manufacture cng filters for all natural gas applications. Applications include any area where oil and water droplets need to be coalesced and removed: CNG and NGV markets, compressed air lines, natural gas transmission lines.

We have the capability to utilize borosilicate, fiberglass, paper or sintered metal technology.

Physical sizes range from ½" x ½" to over 72" long and 6" on the O.D. We can retrofit existing housings, manufacture to a customers specification or cross reference existing filters.

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