CO2 Lasers incorporate multiple time-saving features.

Press Release Summary:

Laser Fusion is CO2 system for engraving and cutting on variety of materials, while FiberMark Fusion accommodates more industrial applications involving bare metals and engineered plastics. In addition to 32 x 20 in. engraving table, both lasers feature motion control system that accelerates engraving while promoting cutting quality. Other features include joystick control, job management software, industrial DC brushless servo motors, tempered glass door, and LED lighting.

Original Press Release:

Epilog Laser Releases New Fusion Laser Series!

Epilog Laser today announced it has added the Fusion and FiberMark Fusion to the company’s product line.

The Epilog Laser Fusion is a CO2 system designed for engraving and cutting on a variety of materials, while the FiberMark Fusion was designed for more industrial applications on bare metals and engineered plastics.  The two systems offer robust USA-made construction, a host of time-saving features and amazingly precise laser cutting and marking results.

“The Epilog Laser Fusion and FiberMark Fusion will absolutely change what you expect from a laser,” said Mike Dean, vice president of sales and marketing at Epilog Laser. "We’ve redesigned the motion control system to allow higher speed engraving as well as the best cutting quality we’ve ever produced. You’ll see true flame-polished edges on acrylic, and we’re seeing 150% speed increases in cutting thin woods and acrylics. The benefits of this system will prove to be immensely valuable for both new and existing customers.”

Both new laser systems include a 32” x 20” engraving table and a variety of other features including:

- Joystick Control - With this intuitive new control you can easily raise and lower the table, move and reset the laser’s home position and much more.

- Job Management Software – Provides a job time estimator/recorder and interactive positioning features when running laser jobs.

- Superior Chassis Strength - 10 times more rigid than ever before to withstand the fastest laser head movement.

- Industrial DC Brushless Servo Motors – new industrial servo motors provide high speed acceleration and deceleration, while operating at low operating temperatures for long operational life.

- Large Tempered Glass and LED Lighting  - a large glass door and LED lighting provides a better view of the work area while engraving.

-Temperature Sensor/Emergency Stop Button – built-in features help ensure the safety of laser operators, work environment and help protect the machine and increase its longevity.

- Drop-Down Front Door and removable Exhaust Plenum - easy access to the laser bed for loading parts and jigs and for cleaning the exhaust area of the laser.  The door is also enhanced with Easy-Open™ Struts for increased strength and stability.

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