CNT Kit provides materials and knowledge.

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Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Innovation Kit(TM) development toolbox includes 4 containers of CNT material: one pair Bundled Multi-Walled CNTs and one pair Un-Bundled. All have as grown structural purity exceeding 90%, and one container of each pair features 99% chemically-pure CNTs. Sufficient quantities are provided, 20 g of each type, to conduct evaluation and development projects. Kit also provides CNT reference books, documents, and software tools for product commercialization.

Original Press Release:

Ahwahnee Technology Launches Carbon Nanotube Innovation Kit(TM)

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 5 / -- Ahwahnee Technology announced today availability of an industry first, the Carbon Nanotube Innovation Kit(TM)("I-Kit").

The I-Kit(TM) solves the two most pressing needs for carbon nanotube (CNT) users: quality material and know-how. Until recently, potential users have perceived CNTs as a laboratory curiosity because of their novelty, exotic properties, scarcity, high cost, and usage difficulties. Merely acquiring CNT raw material often fails to help those trying to work with CNTs, because successful projects also require CNT know-how. The I-Kit delivers both high- quality CNT materials and know-how in one development toolbox.

The I-Kit contains four containers of CNT material. There are two pairs of containers: one pair includes Bundled Multi-Walled CNTs, and the other Un-Bundled. All have an industry-leading, as grown, structural purity exceeding 90%. The pairs are further differentiated on the basis of chemical purity, one container of each pair featuring 99% chemically-pure CNTs. These four options allow experimenters to determine the optimum choice of CNT material for a specific application. Sufficient quantities of material are provided -- 20 grams of each type -- to conduct comprehensive evaluation and development projects.

The I-Kit also contains industry-standard CNT reference books, state of the art documents, and powerful software tools that dramatically speed up successful product commercialization. A "How To" series covers recommended safety practices, key techniques such as dispersion, and application evaluation criteria.

First-time CNT users and experienced technologists alike will find the I- Kit to be an invaluable resource. CNT knowledge and innovation are maximized; costs, time, and effort are minimized. With the I-Kit, users can confidently become productive CNT innovators. The I-Kit is priced at $4,995; academic discounts are available.

About Ahwahnee Technology, Inc.

Ahwahnee Technology is a privately held global company, founded in 2002 to commercialize its proprietary Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube technology. Ahwahnee's focus is developing solutions for the world's most pressing energy and materials problems. Ahwahnee is headquartered in San Jose, California, with subsidiaries in Asia.

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