CNC Marking Machine offers 3 in 1 functionality.

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With 3 modular marking head options, DPS marking machine can perform dot peen, scribe, and laser marking. Design utilizes x-y slide arrangement driven through bellows-protected, linear ballscrews. Standard machine is all-electric, and air-operated units for deep marks are also available. Machine, offered in 4 models, can use servo or stepper motor drive for respective marking rates to 10 or 5 characters/sec with 0.005 mm or 0.02 mm repeatability.

Original Press Release:

Columbia Marking Tools, Inc. Introduces New 3 in 1 CNC Marking Machine

For the first time, one machine can perform dot peen, scribe and laser marking. Now, the cost of three different types of marking processes in one machine, including laser, cost less than most basic laser systems.

There continues to be advancing technology in the way parts and components are being marked, and Columbia Marking Tools, Inc. is right at the forefront. The newest development is a compact 3 in 1 CNC marking machine that has the versatility, with a choice of three modular marking head options, to dot peen fast and deep, scribe mark quickly and silently, or laser mark fragile or very hard materials. Part numbers, lot numbers, QC marks, company logos, trademarks, date or shift codes, 2D Matrix codes or even QS9000 and ISO compliance indications can be made with this one marking system, no matter what material or surface is being marked.

The 3 in 1 machine is an extension of the standard Columbia DPS (Dot-Peen-Scribe) programmable marking machine with the addition of laser marking capability. The basic design of the machine utilizes an x-y slide arrangement that is driven through precise linear ballscrews that are bellows-protected. The standard machine is all-electric but air operated units for extra deep marks are also available. The various marking head modules are mounted to the slide arrangement by two easily removable bolts. The design permits the user to have either a quiet-running, servo motor drive that provides high-speed marking capability up to 10 characters per second with 0.005mm positioning accuracy, or a high-performance stepper motor drive that gives 0.02mm repeatability at 5 characters per second. The machine can operate as a stand-alone unit or, because of its compact size, can be easily integrated into an automated production system.

The various marking heads include a peen/scribe marking unit that uses an impact stylus for peen marking or a diamond tip for the quiet scribe marking of text or graphics into hard or soft surfaces producing fully formed lines and curves. The marking force can be actuated either electrically or by air. Switching from dot peen to scribe marking can be performed by merely flipping a switch and changing the stylus. Also available is a multi-faceted diamond tool for extended tool life.

The laser-marking unit utilizes a compact, low-cost 50-watt adjustable diode laser with variable power from 0 to 50 watts. The laser module takes less than five minutes to retrofit to the DPS unit.

The machine is available in a family of four different models depending on the marking window required. The DPS60 has a 1.6 x 2.3-inch (40 x 60mm) window. The DPS 150, a 4 x 6-inch (100 x 150mm) window. The DPS300, an 8 x 12-inch (200 x 300mm) window, and the DPS500, a 13.12 x 19.68-inch (300 x 500mm) window. Custom marking windows, rotating fixtures and powered, extended Z-axis sizes for hard-to-reach part applications, are also available.

The Columbia 3 in 1 DPS marking system comes complete with a keyboard and controller that features use-friendly prompts for quick navigation thru programming. The standard unit interfaces with existing Windows® 95, 98, XP or NT systems using the included Columbia SIGNUMERIC software (Pat. Pending). This software allows the user to create intricate logos, special graphics and 2D Matrix codes with enhanced functionality. Data entered by the keyboard can be viewed and edited on the LCD display before any marking is performed. The test can be fixed or variable, numbering can be sequential, and date coding can be set up to be automatic and character size can vary in 0.1 mm steps.

Some of the recent applications for the Columbia DPS system include marking automotive exhaust and intake manifold systems, fuel rails, seat frames, input shafts, door and hood panels, gears and housings as well as hydraulic fittings, hand tools and appliance parts. Columbia Marking Tools is a leading designer and manufacturer of metal and plastic marking equipment including stamps, roll marking dies, roll marking and impact marking machines, fully programmable peen/scribe marking and UID/2DMatrix(TM) machines, numbering heads and special marking machines. Columbia also has manufacturing facilities in Germany thru a joint venture with Richter Systems and Machines.

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