CNC Grinding Machine adds functionality with rotary fixture.

Press Release Summary:

With rigid construction, Coborn RG9 has work envelope sized to accommodate addition of rotary and linear fixtures for 10 axis capability and is equipped with vision system. RM Rotary Fixture, also supported, is CNC controlled and designed for PCD/PCBN/CVD grinding. Fixture provides for coning, via continuous rotation, as well as indexing to position accuracy of 1/2000th of one degree. Also, fixture has 8 programmable axes and provides for K-Lands or PCD Chamfers.

Original Press Release:

RM Rotary Fixture for the RG9 CNC Grinding Machine

Bloomfield, CT

A new Rotary Fixture is now available for the Coborn RG9 CNC 8-axis Grinding Machine for PCD/PCBN/CVD grinding for increased efficiency in high production operations, according to Precision International Corporation, the exclusive North American sales and marketing representative for Coborn. The new CNC controlled rotary fixture replacces the nornal tool post on the RG9.

The RM provides for Coning via continuous rotation – under CNC control to produce cones or chamfers on tools, such as drill studs and golf-tee PcBN inserts. It alos provices for Indexing to a position accuracy of 1/2000th of a degree for manufacture of multiple tooth tools, such as end mills, reamers and spade drills. In addition, it provides for Peripheral Grinding when used in conjunction with the TSU2.

The RM Rotary Fixture also provices for K-Lands or PCD Chamfers. PcBN-tipped tools for hard turning generally need K-lands to be applied and in some situations, such as oil bit slugs, PCD may also need to be chamfered to strengthen the hard, brittle edge. Using a RM rotary module, these operations can be achieved quickly and accurately. The chamfer is ground accurately relative to the top surface of the PcBN or PCD. One corner-tipped indexable insert with a centre hole can easily be ground and chamfered.

Programming of the RM Rotary fixture is easy using the RG9 touchscreen.

The RG9 features 8 programmable axes including cross slide X axis and 3 programmable CNC camera axes for PCD & PCBN inserts and round tool grinding. Incorporating an extremely rigid construction to handle high production applications, the RG9 has a larger work envelope to accommodate addition of rotary and linear fixtures for 10 axis capability, enabling it to produce helical ground PCD tools and K-lands on many PCBN and PCD tools. The RG9 is equipped with a unique vision system for high speed tool measurement and automatic wheel dressing and wear compensation. The RG9 runs on a Windows(TM) platform that allows multitasking, enabling operators to write a new program or edit stored programs while the machine is grinding automatically.

An on-board LAN connection provides real-time support and free software updates. Other grinding applications cover grooving and wiper blades, multiple clearance angle tools, rotary tools, reamers, end mills, saws and helical tools with single and multiple flutes.

Contact Information:

Neil L. Hollis, President

Precision International Corporation

105 Old Windsor Road

Bloomfield, CT 06002

Tel. 860-243-0341 Fax. 860-243-3150

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