CMM offers accuracy of 0.35+L/1,000 µm.

Press Release Summary:

Legex 574 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine features traverse speed of 200 mm/sec, worktable loading capacity of 200 kgf, and measuring range of X:510, Y:710, and Z:455 mm. MCOSMOS software supports CAD formats and provides routines for in-line measurement, data feedback, and process management. Probes supported include contacting scanning, touch-trigger, laser, and vision. Chassis is made of spheroidal graphite cast iron with air-damped spring isolators to attenuate vibration.

Original Press Release:

Mitutoyo Legex 574 CMM Leverages Technology to Deliver High Accuracy, Capacity and Value

(Aurora, IL) The new Legex 574 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine from Mitutoyo America Corporation combines state-of-the-art design, electronics, computing, sensors and materials to offer substantially enhanced performance while at the same time providing a significant price advantage.

Ultra-high accuracy (MPEE = [0.35+L/1000] µm), a large measuring range (X: 510mm, Y: 710mm, Z: 455mm) high traverse speed (200mm/sec.) and robust worktable loading capacity (200kgf) make the Legex 574 CNC-CMM both productive and practical in applications as diverse as measurement of large lenses to inspection of metallic molds, engine blocks and similar components, whether in production runs, or small lots.

The Legex 574 is driven by MCOSMOS (Mitutoyo Controlled Open System for Modular Operation Support) software with modules supporting virtually every CAD format while providing routines for in-line measurement, data feedback, and process management. MCOSMOS also makes training easy and intuitive.

Construction of the Legex 574 incorporates the latest technologies. For example, spheroidal graphite ductile cast iron is used for the chassis which, together with air-damped spring isolators, effectively attenuate vibration. Legex 574 design used FEM (Finite Element Modeling) analysis to optimize its configuration to ensure outstanding geometric accuracy by minimizing the deformations caused by normal machine operations. Also, thermally-stable components and real-time temperature compensation maintain extremely high accuracy, even under a wide range of operating temperatures (64.4°F - 71.6°F / 18°C - 22°C).

A wide variety of probes is supported including contacting scanning and touch-trigger as well as laser and vision.


Measuring Range 	   X: 20.07" (510mm)
Y: 27.95" (710mm)
Z: 17.91" (455mm)
Resolution 0.0000004" (0.00001mm)
(Probe Used MPP300Q) MPEE = (0.35+L/1000)µm
L: measured length (mm)
MPEP =0.45µm
Guide method Air bearings
Maximum drive speed 7.87"/sec (200mm/sec)
Maximum acceleration 39.37"/s2 (1,000mm/s2)
Maximum workpiece height 27.79" (706mm)
Supported Probes MPP300Q/ PH10MQ (TP7MEP, SP25M, MTP200, QVP, Metris)/ SP80
Temperature Range 64.4°F - 71.6°F (18°C - 22°C)
Mass 7,710lbs (3,500kg)

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