CMM Arms include Bluetooth wireless technology.

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Offered in 6, 8, 10, and 12 ft lengths, Quantum FaroArm Series provides precision up to 16 microns, making it suited for inspection and reverse engineering of precision components for aerospace, automotive, and machine building. Platinum and Fusion FaroArms feature Bluetooth® wireless technology, enabling users to inspect, digitize, and transmit data up to 30 ft away, even through walls, without cables. Sleep Mode feature automatically turns off units to save energy.

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FARO Expands Sizes, Capabilities of FaroArm Lineup

LAKE MARY, Fla., Sept. 4 /-- FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:FARO), the world leader in portable computer-aided measurement hardware and software, announced that it has enhanced its Quantum, Platinum and Fusion FaroArm product lines in order to meet the needs of a wider range of applications within its industrial customer base.

Its popular Quantum FaroArm series will now be offered in 6-ft. (1.8m), 8-ft. (2.4m), 10-ft. (3.0m), and 12-ft. (3.7m) lengths. Each achieves up to 30-percent higher accuracy over the Platinum FaroArm series, the Company's previous generation of technology. The additional sizes, combined with precision of up to 16 microns (.0006"/0.016mm), make the Quantum FaroArm ideal for inspection and reverse engineering of a wide variety of precision components for aerospace, automotive, machine building and other industries that require the highest levels of accuracy available in a portable device."

"Last September we initiated our phased launch of the Quantum exclusively as an 8-foot model - our best-selling length FaroArm," FARO President and CEO Jay Freeland said. "This latest offering completes the product line and primarily meets the higher accuracy demands of our key markets, especially those in aerospace and automotive applications."

The Platinum FaroArm series sports a new look bringing it to the physics theme of the Company's Quantum and Fusion FaroArms. In addition, the Platinum and Fusion FaroArms are now equipped with the popular Bluetooth(R) wireless technology already available in Quantum FaroArms. Users can now inspect, digitize, then transmit data up to 30 feet (10m) away - even through walls - without having to use cables.

"Preferred over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is the right technology for FaroArm applications resulting in faster set up, extended battery life, and lower power consumption," said Sr. Technical Product Manager Orlando Perez.

"Another key feature added to the entire product line is the Sleep Mode feature that automatically turns off the unit to save energy and extend component life," said Director of Product Management Umesh Cooduvalli.

The new FaroArms will make their debut at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago on September 8.

About the FaroArm

Available in either six- or seven-axis models, the FaroArms offer accuracy comparable to fixed CMMs, have software that is fully programmable for repetitive measurement, have a smaller footprint on the shop floor, and perform first-article inspections more efficiently.

Users simply guide the FaroArm's touch-probe along the surface of the object to be measured. The device's laptop computer simultaneously illustrates the 3-D measurements on-screen and records all of the data. It creates a 3-D "blueprint" of a part or machine components, making it an all-in-one portable tool for improving production, quality and reverse engineering processes by rapidly verifying or scanning parts with greater confidence and accuracy.

About FARO

With approximately 17,000 installations and 7,800 customers globally, FARO Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, and markets portable, computerized measurement devices and software used to create digital models - or to perform evaluations against an existing model - for anything requiring highly detailed 3-D measurements, including part and assembly inspection, factory planning and asset documentation, as well as specialized applications ranging from surveying, recreating accident sites and crime scenes to digitally preserving historical sites.

FARO's technology increases productivity by dramatically reducing the amount of on-site measuring time, and the various industry-specific software packages enable users to process and present their results quickly and more effectively.

Principal products include the world's best-selling portable measurement arm - the FaroArm; the world's best-selling laser tracker - the FARO Laser Tracker X and Xi; the FARO Laser ScanArm; FARO Photon Laser Scanners; the FARO Gage, Gage-PLUS and PowerGAGE; and the CAM2 Q family of advanced CAD-based measurement and reporting software. FARO Technologies is ISO-9001 certified and ISO-17025 laboratory registered.

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