Cloud-Based QaaS automates mobile application testing.

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Able to test and track quality of mobile apps across iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms, Gorilla Logic Continuous QA Cloud brings together automation toolset focused on QA professionals with zero-configuration, cloud-based, on-demand test execution and management platform. Quality as a Service (QaaS) offering, together with MonkeyTalk automated testing tool, allows customers to test their apps across dozens or hundreds of mobile devices and simulators.

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Gorilla Logic Announces New Cloud-Based Quality as a Service (QaaS) Offering for Automated Mobile Application Testing

New Cloud Service and Testing Platform Automates and Streamlines Mobile App Testing for Improved Time-to-market and Quality

BOULDER, Colo. -- Gorilla Logic, (, the leader in enterprise application development and automated mobile testing tools and services, today announced the Gorilla Logic Continuous QA Cloud: the industry's first Quality as a Service (QaaS) offering that tests and tracks the quality of mobile apps across iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. Together with the latest version of the MonkeyTalk automated testing tool (see today's announcement entitled "Gorilla Logic Releases MonkeyTalk"), Gorilla Logic now offers enterprises the tools and services needed to leverage a complete "Continuous QA" cycle when developing and deploying high quality mobile applications.

"Functional testing always has been a challenge for Agile development teams, and the new pressures in the mobile app space - shorter schedules, multiple device versions and more complex interactions - are driving teams nuts. Our customers are really seeking innovative solutions that can reduce their cost and time-to-market while improving overall application quality," explained Ed Schwarz, vice president of engineering and co-founder of Gorilla Logic. "Quality as a Service really cuts the Gordian Knot with an all-new approach that builds upon our years of experience building open source test tools and extending mobile app testing and quality to the cloud."

With Continuous QA Cloud, enterprises can focus on delivering quality apps to their customers by leveraging a "Quality as a Service" delivery model that eliminates time, cost and expertise barriers associated with QA of mobile applications. Gorilla Logic's onshore/offshore service delivery model leverages both its U.S. and recently opened Bangalore, India office to provide a price point that represents real value for any serious project team.Processes, tools and expertise combine to provide the kind of reliability and quality teams frequently struggle to achieve - without imposing speed bumps in their Agile process.

The new Gorilla Logic Continuous QA Cloud service provides:

-- A revolutionary platform which allows customers to test their apps automatically, on demand, across dozens or hundreds of mobile devices and simulators.
-- The power of Gorilla Logic's industry-leading open-source testing tool - MonkeyTalk (formerly FoneMonkey). MonkeyTalk's unique capabilities, from easy-to-work with record-playback to sophisticated data-driven test suites, are solving real-world functional testing challenges for mobile app teams worldwide. The latest MonkeyTalk expands these capabilities to include simpler and more powerful scripting and playback across both major mobile app platforms - iOS and Android.
-- QuickStart Services - a no-hassle service offering allows teams to be up and running with QaaS - with real test results in their hands every day - in three weeks without any learning curve or additional staff.

Organizations creating mobile apps today are challenged when it comes to testing, elaborates Schwarz. The field needs support to manage delivery quality in the face of ever-more-demanding consumer audiences, ever-shorter timeframes, and ever-expanding functionality These challenges only increase in the mobile space (gestures, location, direction, hybrid web apps, etc.). Most approaches still center around manual testing in developer desktop environments, assuming infrequent releases at long intervals.

Schwarz says up to this point, Gorilla Logic's open source MonkeyTalk (previously FoneMonkey) tools have been the leading innovation to address this issue. But challenges remain: the speed and integration the Agile Projects thrive on have left the QA team underserved. They have had to scramble to do the work of developers, integrators and operators just to make a test environment available, and their tools and integration are still are on the "the wild west/roll your own" model.

By bringing together an automation toolset focused on QA professionals with a zero-configuration, cloud-based, on-demand test execution and management platform, Gorilla Logic's Continuous QA Cloud solves these problems without impacting delivery speed or requiring extensive re-tooling or skills acquisition. "We have spent the last six months bringing together a complete offering - tools, process, expertise and the Gorilla Logic Continuous QA Cloud platform - to really change the game for Agile project teams delivering rich interactive applications - especially the QA teams," said Stu Stern, CEO and co-founder of Gorilla Logic. "Continuous QA Cloud combines the power of Agile practices, availability of on-demand cloud computing power and the business-point-of-view approach of functional testing in a way which the industry really hasn't seen before."

Pricing and Availability
Gorilla Logic's Continuous QA Cloud Platform service is available immediately, priced based on customer need. For more information please visit ( To read CEO Stu Stern's blog on this announcement please visit (

About Gorilla Logic
Gorilla Logic provides custom enterprise application development services on the ground and in the cloud to many of the world's leading software-driven organizations. It has a rich history of applying software engineering best practices to reduce the time and cost of delivering high-quality, full-featured applications with advanced functionality. Its technical leadership in mobile, rich Internet and enterprise applications showcases its broad platform expertise and exemplifies its commitment to software development best practices and quality. Gorilla Logic's innovative work with emerging development platforms led to the creation of two industry leading open source tools for automated testing, MonkeyTalk (iPhone/iPad/Android applications - formerly FoneMonkey), and FlexMonkey (Flex applications). To download Gorilla Logic's open source tools, and to learn more about the company and its services, please visit (

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