Clock Card improves high-speed trading system performance.

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SyncPoint(TM) PCIe-1000 Precise Time Protocol (PTP) Clock Card for Linux synchronizes with SyncServer® S350 PTP Grandmaster so sub-microsecond accurate time can be delivered at one or many trading venues worldwide. High-speed trading systems can then use this clock to time stamp market data, synchronize network monitoring systems, and synchronize time on trading servers. Time is delivered to Linux program with accuracy better than 600 nsec.

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Symmetricom Announces Highest Accuracy Timing Solution to Improve Profitability of High-Speed Trading Systems

New SyncPoint(TM) Clock Card Delivers the Most Precise and Reliable, Sub-microsecond Accurate Time for the Most Demanding Trading Applications

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Symmetricom®, Inc. (NASDAQ: SYMM), a worldwide leader in precision time and frequency technologies, today introduced a new high accuracy end-to-end timing solution for high-speed, low-latency trading systems. This solution delivers trading systems with ultra-precise time ideal for algorithm and network optimization, risk management, and ultimately improves the overall trading performance and profitability.

Symmetricom's new SyncPoint(TM) PCIe-1000 Precise Time Protocol (PTP) Clock Card for Linux, combined with the company's enterprise class SyncServer® S350 PTP Grandmaster, provides the industry's most accurate time stamp delivery solution on the market today. The SyncPoint Clock Card synchronizes to the local GPS-referenced enterprise class SyncServer S350 so that sub-microsecond accurate time can be delivered at one or many trading venues around the world. High-speed trading systems use this sub-microsecond accurate clock to time stamp market data, synchronize network monitoring systems, and synchronize time on trading servers around the world. This best-in-class timing assists in better algorithm performance, enables lower network latency and improves trade decision making that all lead to increased trading profitability.

According to Aite Group, financial institutions focused on geographically dispersed trading strategies are relying more and more on precise time stamping of data as inputs into their proprietary algorithms, as these inputs are closely tied to their revenue stream. "To ensure the integrity of their data, high-speed low-latency trading firms and stock exchanges are deploying PTP hardware solutions to achieve better accuracy and synchronization than was previously possible with NTP or software-based PTP solutions," said Adam Honore, research director of the institutional securities practice at Aite Group. "This is especially important for distributed systems that rely on time coherent aggregated market data from multiple trading sources which may otherwise all have different sources of time."

As underscored by, Peter Lankford, Director of Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC), which facilitates the STAC Benchmark Council of trading organizations and technology vendors, "Precise and accurate time is increasingly critical to the success of many high-speed, low-latency trading systems. Symmetricom has been an active participant in this community for some time by supporting industry benchmark testing efforts with their latest timing equipment."

Symmetricom's end-to-end solution for the high-speed, low-latency trading includes:

-- The new SyncPoint PCIe-1000 PTP Clock Card: Time is delivered to a Linux program with accuracy better than 600 nanoseconds and is the most accurate way to get the time to a Linux based trading application.
-- SyncServer S350: A GPS PTP Grandmaster which precisely synchronizes the PCIe-1000 PTP Clock Cards on the trading network.

"When high value automated trading decisions are made in fractions of a second and can result in millions of dollars being at stake, time accuracy is of the utmost importance," said Laura Finkelstein, vice president of marketing and business development at Symmetricom. "The SyncPoint PCIe-1000 PTP Clock Card was specifically developed to deliver a strong competitive advantage to financial services organizations whose business models demand timing with the highest accuracy and reliability, such as high frequency trading and stock exchanges."

Key benefits of the new SyncPoint PCIe-1000 PTP Clock Card include:

-- Delivery of ultra accurate time to Linux applications: Better than 600 nanosecond time stamp accuracy to universal time at the Linux application level.
-- Precise time updated more than a million times per second: High availability of fine granularity time for better time stamping microbursts of trading activity and market data feeds.
-- Accurate time over busy networks: Symmetricom timing technology and the standard OCXO oscillator maintain excellent end-to-end time accuracy over a busy network between the SyncServer S350 and the SyncPoint Clock Card.
-- Industry standard compliant: IEEE 1588 2008 v2 /PTP compliance assures interoperability with other PTP enabled network devices.
-- Industry leading accuracy at an extremely low price: The SyncPoint Clock Card is priced to be the most cost effective timing solution compared to any alternative in the market that attempts to deliver similar time accuracy.

The Symmetricom end-to-end solution is on display at the Symmetricom booth 215D at the High Performance Computing Linux for Wall Street Show and Conference on April 2, at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.

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