Clinical Router connects instruments to lab software.

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JResultNet Java based upgrade of ResultNet(R)/Plus clinical router can establish, manage and maintain connections between laboratory instruments, lab information systems, and variety of system-to-system connections. It acts as complete interface engine, matching record formats, content and transport protocols required for each connection. Single copy of JResultNet running on network workstation can control multiple device and system connections.

Original Press Release:

Dawning Technologies, Inc. Releases JResultNet(R) Java(R) Based Application Offers Increased Flexibility and Security

Fairport, New York, March 1, 2002 --- Today, Dawning Technologies released JResultNet, a Java based upgrade of its popular ResultNet(R)/Plus clinical router application. This new solution uses the basic framework of ResultNet/Plus, but with advantages of increased flexibility, security, stability and data handling options available to users.

JResultNet is used to establish, manage and maintain connections between laboratory instruments and lab information systems and a wide variety of system-to-system connections. JResultNet acts as a complete interface engine, matching the record formats, content and transport protocols required for each connection. A single copy of JResultNet running on a network workstation can control multiple device and system connections.

Like other contemporary Java software, JResultNet will operate in many hardware and operating system environments including Linux, Unix, Windows(R) and other platforms. This allows customers to seamlessly integrate this solution into their existing information system architecture, simplifying general use, support and maintenance. The only requirement is installation of a Java Runtime Engine vl.3 or higher on workstations requiring access to the program.

In a lab instrument application, the combination of JResultNet and Dawning interfaces such as the Secure Network Interface(R) (SNI) provide users a turnkey connectivity system, easily configured to work with multiple analyzer and information systems. All host system communication can be configured to meet industry standard protocols such as HL7, ASTM or other specialized requirements. A graphical presentation of data activity allows users to easily manage interaction with multiple information systems using multiple protocols

With additional security features such as multiple encryption options for all connections, including remote SNI units, and any data stored on the local workstation, labs are one step closer to HIPAA compliance with minimal cost or programming requirements.

Unlimited thin client access is available as a standard feature through the use of a Java utility program that is loaded on any remote workstation. Password security is maintained on the central JResultNet application, allowing that machine to be placed in a more secure location while preserving access to authorized individuals.

John Selmyer, Dawning Technologies' President remarked, "The original version of ResultNet/Plus software is written in C++ and is limited to use in Windows(R) NT/2000 environments. JResultNet is another step in our migration to Java based software products (the Reference Lab Connection Package was the first), providing our clients with unsurpassed performance and options previously unavailable without custom programming and high cost." JResultNet is available immediately as a complete PC system (Windows or Linux options available) or as a software only system where the user provides a workstation on which the program will reside. This solution is covered under Dawning's standard customer support, which is free 8:30am - 5:00pm eastern. Extended coverage is available via our 24x7 and Active Software Maintenance programs.

About Dawning Technologies, Inc.
Dawning Technologies, Inc provides connectivity solutions to the clinical laboratory market in over 3000 sites worldwide. Dawning leverages sophisticated technology in its continuing development of "Smart Connections", which help customers solve their serial connectivity challenges while adding value to their current network operations.

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