ClickFox, Inc Connects the Retail Point of Sale Experiences to the Contact Center

NEW YORK, Aug. 20 - SpeechTEK - ClickFox, Inc, the premier provider of Customer Behavior Intelligence software that models and analyzes customers' step-by-step actions in self-service environments, today announced successful delivery of the Retail Cross Channel Customer Experience view. The ClickFox Behavioral Analytics Engine analyzes and identifies customer experiences originating in the retail storefront point-of-sale (POS) and kiosk following the experience through the self-service and contact center channels, capturing each customer touchpoint along the way.

ClickFox integrates core POS, service, sales and financial data elements directly from corporate databases and application transaction logs into event-driven behavioral data models. Customer activities that occur within retail locations such as products purchased, upgrades, cancellations and service requests are integrated into the overall Customer Behavior Intelligence model. The model is then able to determine the impacts of costs and/or savings to the contact center. This data is integrated with interactions and experiences occurring in other channels such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), contact center and websites to provide a holistic view of the customer experience across the enterprise. This enables businesses to better understand the most efficient touch points preferred by customers, while providing details segmented by client, product, plan, and service type.

ClickFox customers can now leverage this view to correlate specific products, locations, sales people, services, and consumers in their stores to activities in their contact centers. Visibility into what drives costly calls, unsuccessful first contact resolution and unsatisfactory customer satisfaction ratings is just a click away.

"You can't truly understand what motivates customer behavior and how it impacts the business, both positively and negatively, by simply surveying a subset of customers after the fact," ClickFox CEO Marco Pacelli explains. "Usually by the time a customer survey occurs, it is too late to save a customer relationship. With the ClickFox technology users can view any and all data related to the customer experience, including who they are and what they did. With the ability to view interactions from the customer's perspective, organizations can make necessary changes to its customer service channels before a problem arises or before customers become dissatisfied with the way they are being treated."

This powerful information added to the behavioral model increases the value of the ClickFox solution and demonstrates ClickFox's increased focus on delivering visibility and analytics across the total customer experience. Any data related to the customer interaction, including what they did or who they are can easily be included in the solution. This enables ClickFox customers to build a more robust model giving the enterprise a more powerful view into their business from the customer's perspective.

About ClickFox
ClickFox, a pioneer in Customer Behavior Intelligence, enables organizations to see how their customers interact across a variety of systems, such as IVR, Web, CRM, agent desktops, Point of Sale and interactive kiosks. By creating a visual map of the system and overlaying it with customer interactions, ClickFox quickly pin-points bottlenecks in transactional flow, identifies causes of costly drop-offs to live agents and uncovers opportunities for extending automation, cost-savings or increasing revenue. Customer behavior is a window into customer experience and satisfaction. The power to understand what drives customers from one channel to the next creates the ability to identify and change behavior maximizing your most efficient channels while improving your customer's success and satisfaction. ClickFox provides the power to know what to improve and then quickly confirm that your customer service channels are effective and successful. For more information, please visit

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