Cleaver-Brooks to Display Traymaster(TM) Deaerator at 2009 AHR Expo

MILWAUKEE - Cleaver-Brooks, a provider of energy efficient, low NOx boilers and boiler technologies, will be featuring its Traymaster (TM) Deaerator at the 2009 AHR Expo, booth #1523, Jan. 26-28, McCormick Place in Chicago.

Deaerators are used to extend boiler and steam system life by preventing corrosion of boiler surfaces, steam supply piping, and condensate return lines. Additionally, deaerators can reduce boiler fuel consumption by minimizing boiler blowdown losses.

It is imperative to eliminate corrosive levels of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in boiler feedwater to protect the boiler and steam system components from premature failure. The Traymaster(TM) Deaerator remedies this situation by mechanically removing oxygen and carbon dioxide to trace levels. Chemicals may be used to reach these same negligible levels, however the strategy of chemical deaeration will lead to additional chemical costs and lower the boiler's cycles of concentration, leading to increased blowdown losses and higher fuel use. Installing a deaerator eliminates those problems by lowering the total cost of operation and minimizing chemical usage. The deaerator also provides a means to capture hot condensate for reuse in the boiler rather than permitting flash or blow-through steam to vent to atmosphere, saving additional energy.

The tray design is recognized as the most versatile and efficient method of reducing dissolved oxygen content in boiler feed water to levels less than .005 cc/liter (7 ppb), while also removing carbon dioxide.

"The Traymaster(TM) Deaerator is just one more innovation that helps customers reduce energy costs and their impact on the environment," said Earle Pfefferkorn, president of C-B Package Boiler. "Cleaver-Brooks will continue to show its commitment to the industry and its customers by developing sustainable, cost reducing boiler technologies."

By permitting recovery of valuable high purity trapped and pumped condensate return to be used as boiler feed water, the Traymaster(TM) Deaerator also helps companies save fuel and reduce water use.

Standard Traymaster(TM) deaerator capacities are available from 30,000 to 500,000 pounds per hour. Cleaver-Brooks deaerators are offered with a choice of flexible control schemes, including the Advanced Deaerator Control system featuring an Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC, variable frequency drive, soft start, color touch screen, remote communications, automatic pump alerting system and seamless interface with building automation systems.

Stop by Cleaver-Brooks' booth, #1523, and ask for Earle Pfefferkorn or Mike Danahue to learn more, or to schedule an interview, contact Rachel Jennings at (414)274-3010 or

Cleaver-Brooks, a world-renowned provider of boiler room products and systems, is committed to providing efficient technologies that help its customers and the industry reduce energy usage, cost, and environmental impact. Selling to both the commercial and industrial markets, they are the only manufacturer offering an entirely integrated boiler room system. Their products are backed by a world-class distribution network offering superior aftermarket support. Visit for more information.

For more information contact:

Rachel Jennings, (414) 274-3010

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