Clear Water Industries Announces ... The New R2000 System Destroys Anthrax, Viruses, Bacteria, Bio-Chemicals, MTBE and Volatile Organic Compounds in Water Leaving no Toxic Waste to be Disposed of

HENDERSON, Nev., April 16 -- CWI focuses on delivering environmental-friendly systems that benefit humanity by reducing deaths, sickness, and healthcare costs, while stimulating economic growth. "Our environment is our livelihood, water and food supply. That's what this system is about." The New R2000 should be in production by January 2008 or sooner. The company has moved to Henderson, Nevada and is presently looking for offices and manufacturing space, says Larry V. Presley, the Company's CEO. CWI's System was researched by the US Government, (videos can be viewed on web-site and the University of Florida, developed by Dr. James Klausner, Dr. Yogi Goswami, with the help of CWI, at the University of Florida.

The R2000 Water Purification System (patent pending) uses a solar radiation photocell system to destroy organic contaminants, purify ground water, industrial effluents, and aquatic systems. The R2000 cleans millions of gallons of water per day with no resulting toxic waste to dispose of. Areas high with MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether), a gasoline additive, can be addressed and eliminated with the R2000, also just to name a few others: Industrial Waste Water, Herbicides, Pesticides, Chemical Fertilizer Runoff, Leaks and Spills from Chemical and Fuel Storage Facilities, Drinking Water Wells, Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylene. The R2000 also minimizes the effects of terrorist attacks upon our waterways, and in addition can be used for the recycling of waste effluent in various manufacturing process, such as pharmaceutical, paper, and food processing plants.

Water is essential for life. Water is crucial for sustainable development, including the preservation of our natural environment and the alleviation of poverty and hunger. Water is indispensable for human health and well-being. The United Nations says 25,000 people die each and everyday because of tainted water.

CWI is contemplating securing a private placement prior to considering becoming a public entity. The Company is a Nevada Corporation as of January 2002, and was initially formed as a Florida corporation in 1998, to carry out the final stages of research and development, and marketing strategy for its Systems.

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CWI can be contacted at 1878 Fairfield Terrace, Henderson, NV, 89074, telephone (702) 456-4460, web-site, e-mail

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