Cleanroom Desiccator Transport Carts

Fullerton, CA – DesiCart™ from Terra Universal is the solution to transporting samples while keeping them in a low-humidity environment. The mobile desiccators, featuring comfortable push handles, come with five-inch cushioned swivel casters for smooth and quiet rolling to other locations. Cart frames are available in stainless steel or polyethylene, both of which are resistant to chemical damage.

The enclosed negative-pressure chambers also limit exposure to circulating particles. Cleanroom or lab personnel can purge the chambers with nitrogen when needed by using the quick connect/disconnect tube fitting and Terra's Relief/Bleed® valve that releases gas as needed to avoid over-pressurization.

Reinforced gasketed doors are hermetically sealed to maintain air-tight seals. Multi-chamber desiccator cabinets are built with open slots between chambers to allow inert gas to flow freely, thereby keeping contents dry. Transparent chamber walls can be made with clear acrylic or static-dissipative PVC that prevents electro-static discharge, particularly important for sensitive parts in a low-humidity environment.

Terra Universal has 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing modular cleanrooms and ISO-compatible furnishings and accessories. For more information about DesiCart Low-Humidity Transport Cart, visit Terra Universal's website.


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