Cleanroom and Laboratory Footrests

Fullerton, CA - Footrests are part of an ergonomic work environment, in addition to adjustable chairs and work surfaces. Terra Universal manufactures and distributes four footrest models for personnel working in cleanrooms and laboratories. Place comfortable footrests under desks or work stations when sitting for extended periods of time. In gowning rooms, the stable surfaces assist technicians with donning footwear.

Select your preferred material ranging from ultra-clean electropolished stainless steel to powder-coated steel, chrome and fiberboard. Three of the footrest models are height adjustable; one model has an adjustable platform angle.

The BioSafe® electropolished footrest design eliminates crevices where particles can accumulate; smooth surfaces are easy to wipe-down with sterilizing chemicals. It also features nylon leveling feet that are useful for uneven floors and don't shed particles.

Terra Universal has 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing modular cleanrooms and ISO-compatible furnishings. For more information about Footrests for Cleanrooms and Labs, visit Terra Universal's website.


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