Cleaning Glove absorbs spills.

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Mess-Up Mitt(TM) provides clean up and disposal for aqueous, oil, and non-aggressive spills. Mitt is lined with poly-film which, when inverted, acts as disposal bag. Two-thumbed 11 x 12 in. mitt allows for maneuvering in spill clean-up incidents, and can be used with either right or left hand. For larger spills, 24 x 22 in. Hand-y Spillmat(TM) is available. Both are packaged on roll in dispenser box for quick response and ease of access.

Original Press Release:

New Pig Introduces PIG(R) Mess-Up Mitt(TM)

Tipton, PA, November 15, 2001 - New Pig Corporation has introduced the PIG® Mess-Up Mitt(TM) for fast, easy clean up and disposal of small aqueous, oil and non-aggressive spills. Uniquely designed, the mitt is lined with a poly-film which when inverted acts as a disposal bag.

"Our customers like the mitt because it is a faster, safer way to cleanup and dispose of spills," said Ben Stapelfeld, Chairman of the Board."

Made of universal absorbent (11 inches x 12 inches) bonded to a pliable yellow poly film, the PIG® Mess-Up Mitt(TM) quickly absorbs aqueous and oil-based liquids while keeping the user clean and free from liquid contact. Its two- thumbed interior mitt allows for easy wipe-up maneuvering in spill clean-up incidents and can be used with either the right or left hand.

For larger spills, the PIG® Hand-y Spillmat(TM) is also available. The 24 inch x 22 inch Hand-y Spillmat(TM) can tackle large spills up to 42 oz. Both the PIG® Mess-Up Mitt(TM) and the PIGO Hand-y Spillmat(TM) are packaged on a roll in a dispenser box for quick response and easy access.

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