Clean Up or Shut Down; Cost Saving Swimming Pool Maintenance Solutions

One of the worst complaints a facility manager can receive is that their swimming pool is not clean; be it the morning lap swimmer, the weekend bather or worse case - the inspector. To remain within budget and actually lower expenses, such as water, chemicals and labor in particular, more parks and recreation facilities have chosen an Aqua Products "robotic" cleaner as the solution to maintain their aquatic facility more than any other. These reliable cleaners work autonomously to scrub, vacuum and filter without hoists, hoses or manual labor, and the savings realized pays for the purchase in as little as 3 months.

Labor is the easiest line item expense to quantify and therefore easiest to measure cost savings when this line item expenditure is reduced. With a robotic cleaner patrolling the swimming pool at off hours or in areas sectioned off, manual labor can focus on higher level tasks. Lifeguards can guard lives and maintenance personnel can attend to performing engineering repairs rather than performing time consuming menial labor. Some Aqua Products models are designed to clean pools in as little as 1 hour, including Olympic sized pools, which allows pools with minimal downtime to maintain their pools without disruption to service and all are lightweight, not requiring any hoists, are easy to store, transport and remove from the pool and operate without hoses, filter system connections, dangerous poolside canisters or high voltage.

Cleanliness or lack thereof is the most common factor that invokes complaints. Despite some of the best efforts, manual labor is limited to clean what they can visibly see and reach. For example, a lifeguard or maintenance personnel standing at poolside will do their best to clean the pool. With the vacuum head attached to the pole, they slowly move it to maintain consistent suction and to keep the vacuum head on the floor. They look, searching for leaves, band aids and other debris that dares to disturb the beauty of the water. There in lies the problem, as they are relying on sight. Anyone who has ever swum in a pool with goggles on knows that below the shimmering surface is an underworld of high definition detail. The pool's surface texture is clear. Lane lines, corners and drains are vivid. As are dirt, hair, string, algae, pollen and other minute particulates that were missed because they were essentially invisible to the person above the water standing poolside. The robots scrub dirt and break down debris and immediately vacuum it up to be trapped and filtered clean internally much like a robotic house vacuum, except with far greater ferocity. Aqua Products specifications show that larger models vacuum and circulate as much as 16,800 GPH and are able to filter out microorganisms as small as 2 microns in size - that is as much as 10 times smaller than what sand filter systems are able to remove - providing a healthier swimming environment and as a result of their filtration ability, can significantly reduce main filter backwashing. This saves thousands of gallons of treated water, the cost of replenishing lost filter media and protects the environment from the impact of the treated water. The old adage of 'seeing is believing' continues to ring true and therefore t is perhaps best to watch and hear other Park and Recreation professionals like yourselves provide their own accounts of the savings and effectiveness that their Aqua Products robots provide their facility (Cities, Parks and Recreation Testimonial Accounts).

VGB or the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, as it is officially known, is the federal legal mandate that requires all swimming pools, both existing and new, must be equipped with suction entrapment avoidance drain covers that conform to the specific standards set forth by the Act, and other safety systems for the same purpose (Summary Analysis of VGB Act). Unfortunately, the new protective drains tend to beach most automatic cleaners due to the drains' raised design features. Aqua Products research and development team have already addressed this matter by producing the first and only VGB "capable" systems into a majority of their robotic cleaners, enabling them to traverse these raised drains without getting stuck.

To learn more about the efficiency and effectiveness of robotic cleaners contact a Commercial Cleaner Specialist (CCS) to review your facilities issues, needs and wants to allow them to specify the appropriate model solution for you and your budget and demonstrate the speed in which your facility can enjoy a return on your investment. If you still want to see more, ask an Aqua Products CCS about the availability of an on-site demonstration. Be sure to budget in an Aqua Products robotic maintenance solution, because you can not afford not to.

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