Clamp-On Miter Box helps produce shop-quality cuts.

Press Release Summary:

Able to fit in user's back pocket, MITERZ-ALL allows users to make accurate cuts at angles up to 60°. Product aids in installation of handrail and ornamental iron where 120 V welders are in use. Tool also helps users with reciprocating saws to make straight, angular cuts in minimal space. It includes its own scale for layout-minimization.

Original Press Release:

MITERZ-ALL is a High Quality Clamp On Miter Box That Will Works Together with a Reciprocating Saw, to Make Shop Quality Cuts Anywhere

San Jose, California, September 11, 2003 - The MITERZ-ALL miter box was originally designed for aiding in the installation of handrail and ornamental iron, where small 120 Volt welders are in use. Although these new low powered welders were one of the biggest steps forward in portable welding, they require much more time to weld unevenly cut parts. Another outstanding tool, the reciprocating. It will cut in any position in the very minimum of space. Unfortunately, this saw is not very accurate. So this is where MITERZ-ALL miter box comes in. MITERZ-ALL is the miter box that bridges the gap. Straight angular cut in a very minimum of space and because it includes its own scale is layout minimize. The cut that was almost impossible to reach and was impossible to cut straight at any angle is now possible. MITERZ-ALL is a miter box that allows its users to make highly accurate cuts at angles up to 60°. It is so compact that it will fit in the users back pocket. MITERZ-ALL is the miter box has a list price of $129.95 Stingerpower clients include: Welders, Mining contractors, Ship builder Ironworkers, Plant operators, Plumbers, Millwrights, Ornamental Gate and Fence Contractors, Architectural Iron Designers, artists, automotive enthusiast, do it yourselfers, and just about every other trade that involves welding. Miter-all is a trademark of Stingerpower Inc. Patent number 6581502.

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