Citadel Commerce Launches SecureSwipe, a Revolutionary New Payment Solution

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 14 / -- Citadel Commerce Corp., a leading e-commerce payment solutions provider, announced today that it has launched SecureSwipe(TM), a revolutionary new device that facilitates PIN debit and swiped credit card purchases from home.

Citadel successfully launched SecureSwipe(TM) at the EIG Expo in Nice, France. SecureSwipe(TM) is a custom designed TG-3/X.9 compliant PIN pad, exclusively designed and manufactured for Citadel by Cook Systems, LLC.

The SecureSwipe(TM) PIN pad is a hand held, DUKPT encryption compliant device containing a keypad and LCD display, and interfaces to a consumer's PC via industry standard USB technology. SecureSwipe(TM) further utilizes VPN tunneling technology to transmit fully encrypted PIN blocks to Citadel's data center, making it possible for a consumer to purchase myCitadel Wallet e-money using a bank issued ATM PIN debit card, just as they would at a retail location. Optionally, the consumer may also elect to utilize SecureSwipe(TM) to make secure purchases by swiping their credit card.

SecureSwipe(TM) adheres to the appropriate network standards and operating rules, and provides a solution that is extremely secure and robust.

Michael Meeks, President of Citadel Commerce Corp. stated, "We are very pleased to launch SecureSwipe. This product has been in development for over four years and we have strived to create a solution that is easy-to-use, compliant, secure, and cost effective. We feel confident that our consumers will find PIN based debit and swiped credit card purchases a viable and secure alternative to card-not-present credit card transactions."

Citadel has obtained licenses to existing patents, established processing relationships with banks, built and certified its own secure injection facilities, and consulted and worked with key industry representatives from standards committees. With the introduction of SecureSwipe(TM) Citadel continues to demonstrate its leadership position in the payment processing industry.

Citadel Commerce Corp. is based in Vancouver, Canada. Our solutions include secure online payment processing solutions with enhanced fraud detection services, reporting, and reconciliation tools. Citadel is part of the ESI Group of Companies, which also includes ESI Integrity and PlayLine. For further information, please contact:

CONTACT: Donna Montgomery, Director of Marketing of Citadel Commerce Corp., +1-604-299-6924 ext. 306

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