Circular Chart Recorder includes time totalizers.

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Able to record productive and non-productive time, 3-channel device is equipped with time totalizers, resettable counters, and time delay features. Charts, divided into minutes and hours, are drawn upon in one continuous line, where momentary interruptions are indicated by zig in line. Also offered in 2- and 3-stylus models, unit draws concentric lines on chart for multiple machines/functions. Recording periods are offered in 3 chart speeds: 8, 12, and 24 hr.

Original Press Release:

Three (3) Channel Circular Chart Recorders - With Time Totalizers, Resetable Counters and Time Delay Feature

Kernco Instruments Co., Inc. is pleased to introduce its three (3) channel chart recorder for recording productive and non-productive time. It offers special features such as time totalizers, resettable counters as well as time delay feature.


Reading: Charts are divided into minutes and hours. The stylus draws a continuous line, "outside" for production, "inside" for down-time. This continuous line provides one distinct advantage. Even a momentary interruption is indicated by a "zig". If this "zig" represents only a second or so, you can't measure it but you know a brief interruption occurred.

The two and three stylus models draw concentric lines, on one chart, for 2 or 3 machines (or 2 or 3 functions on one machine) or generally, to record actually machine running time versus "productive" and "down" time.

Recording Periods: Three chart speeds are available - 8 hour, 12 hour, and 24 hour. Specify recording time when placing order, and order appropriate charts.


Power Supply: Available for 120VAC 50 Hz, 120VAC 60 Hz, 220VAC 50 Hz and 220VAC Hz. Specify power supply when placing order.

Optional Features: Low Voltage - The Event Recorder can be equipped to accept a low voltage impulse. Additional cost based on voltage modifications needed; contact Kernco for cost.

Totalizer - registers accumulative productive time. Actually a built-in running time-meter for total productive time. Double stylus models have 2 totalizers, one for each stylus.

Resettable Piece Counter

Built-in Time Delay - 0 to 60 sec. standard 0 to 5 minutes available upon request.



Model 10 Event Recorder (1 stylus)

Model 20 Event Recorder (2 stylus)

Model 30 Event Recorder (3 stylus)

Model 10T Event Recorder (1 stylus, 1 totalizer)

Model 20T Event Recorder (2 stylus, 2 totalizers)

Model 30T Event Recorder (3 stylus, 3 totalizers)

Replacement 24 Hour Charts (250 each)

Replacement 12 Hour Charts (250 each)

Replacement 8 Hour Charts (250 each)

For additional information, write to:

Kernco Instruments Co., Inc.

420 Kenazo Avenue

El Paso TX 79928

Phone: 915-852-3375

Fax: 915-852-4084



Contact: John P Kelly, Sales Director

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