Cintec Offers Structural Reinforcement Systems for Installation in Power Stations

COMITRONIC introduces the new and compact SUPERMAGNET range of door guards that provides an ideal solution for protection of dangerous machines. This range controls the opening of movable machine guards in harsh, industrial environments with powerful electromagnets, and may prevent unintentional opening of the guard. In association with a delay module, it controls the opening of guards at the end of machine cycle. The unit may be also applied for the control of doors in public buildings.

The SUPERMAGNET complies with IP65 standards and ensures reliability in hostile environments, its non-contact design guarantees less wear and higher tolerance to door misalignment. It provides zero activation radius, unlike a key interlocking system for which the minimum distance is often 250 mm (10 in.). There are two versions of electromagnets: power-off locking with a holding force of 30 decanewtons and power-on locking latching force of 50 decanewtons.

Models in dual-function latching and switching are also available. A coded non-contact safety switch with the ACOTOM®2 process is integrated inside the SUPERMAGNET assuring tamper resistance and satisfies EN 954 safety category 4 when used alone with the safety module AWAX, and safety category 3 when wired in series. The built-in LED display indicates the status of auxiliary contact.

The entire range is designed with a plug-in M12 connector for ease of installation. This model as an option can be supplied with removable or captive key.


Based on the principles to create added values for its customers, COMITRONIC is continuously developing innovative, high quality solutions in machine safety. With its BTI brand, the company has become the market leader of stand-alone, multi-code, and non-contact sensors. It can replace all mechanical safety switches and reed switches and provide more reliable and extremely safe solutions for protection of dangerous machines in all industries.

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