CHVC Wins Contract for Beijing City Police Department Video Conferencing and Monitoring System

Boca Raton, Florida - November 1, 2007 - China Voice Holding Corporation (CHVC) (OTC:CHVC-News), announced today that its Chinese Subsidiary, Beijing Techview System Engineering Co. LTD (BTSE) had won a contract to provide a video conferencing and monitoring system for the Beijing City Haidian District Police Department precinct. The primary use of the system is to enable visual and improved communications between department branches due to the bad traffic conditions in Beijing City. The estimated value of the contract is $265,000.

The Beijing City Haidian District Police Department is part of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, a component of Beijing government, and is responsible for the public security in Beijing. More information may be found at

About the Companies:
Beijing Techview System Engineering Co. LTD (BTSE) is a Value-Added Reseller and Systems Integrator that specializes in network design and installation, integrated wiring construction, network equipment and security systems with its primary focus on providing large video conferencing solutions. The Company's projects include computer and telecommunications network construction, intelligent building construction, product development, network product sales, technical consulting, and information services. In Beijing, the Company is a high level authorized dealer for Cisco Systems, HuiWei, 3Com, Polycom Video products, NEC Monitors and many other IT products.

BTSE has built a diligent, experienced and well trained team-many of which are Cisco certified CCNP and CCIE engineers. Some of the Company's customers include: Ning Xia Population Control Bureau, Chong Wen Education Administration, Xing Jiang Military Division, He Bei Province Economic Development Bureau, Qin Zhong Merchant Bank, Chang Sha Navigation Affair Administration Bureau, Jiang Xi Province Education Administration, Qing Dao Hospital, Qing Dao City Navigation Affair Administration Bureau, China Cotton Network, Beijing Engine Manufacturer, Beijing Language School, and the Shang Xi Province School of Chemical Engineering.

China Voice Holding Corp. ("CHVC") is a U.S. public holding company headquartered in South Florida with a portfolio of next-generation communications products and services doing business in the People's Republic of China and the U.S. Through its subsidiaries, the Company provides Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") telephone services, office automation, wireless broadband, unified messaging, video conferencing and other advanced voice and data services in the U.S. and in China where the Company has obtained full legal status as a licensed telecommunications company. The Chinese telecommunications market is the largest and fastest growing in the world, with 812 million fixed land line and mobile phone subscribers as of September, 2006. As of December 2006, China had 137 million Internet users, an increase of 23% over 2005.

China is expected to overtake the United States as the country with the largest number of Internet users in approximately two years. CHVC's primary focus is on providing its innovative and patented voice and data solutions to government agencies in China. China Voice Holding Corp. trades Over-the-Counter and is listed in the Pink Sheets under the symbol "CHVC". Upon obtaining audits of prior fiscal years, the Company plans to file with the Securities & Exchange Commission ("SEC") to become a full-reporting company in 2008 at which time it intends to apply for a listing on the NASDAQ or the AMEX. Prior to the filing of periodic reports to the SEC, the Company is providing publicly-available financial statements and other current information at the website. Additional information may be found at

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