Chronos Leverages Partnership with Semtech to Launch First Products; SyncGEM(TM) and SyncPORT(TM) at ITSF 2014, Budapest

LYDBROOK, England –

"Over-the-Top-Sync" solutions from Chronos facilitate the transition to TDD  and LTE-A networks

Chronos Technology, a global expert in time, timing, phase and monitoring systems, is pleased to announce the availability of SyncGEM™ and SyncPORT™ the first products in its Over-the-Top-Sync™ (OTTSync™) range of synchronisation and timing solutions designed to facilitate operators' transition to TDD and LTE-A networks.

OTTSync™ is a range of hardware devices and software packages which, when combined with the synchronisation capabilities of a network element, ensures the cost-effective delivery of precise time to the edge of complex networks. The first OTTSync™ products available from Chronos are the SyncGEM™ sync element manager and SyncPORT™, a Boundary Clock device in an SFP shell.

SyncPORT™, which uses TopSync® IEEE-1588 technology licenced from Semtech Corporation, enables network devices, routers, switches and radios to be upgraded to support on-path PTP timing without the need for expensive and disruptive hardware replacement. Deploying these plug-and-play devices helps operators deliver edge-of-network timing that is required to support TDD and LTE-A services. SyncPORT™ is also available as an OEM part.

SyncGEM™ is an element management system that is architected to manage a wide variety of hardware devices available from multiple hardware manufacturers. SyncGEM™ integrates into operational support systems through published application programming interfaces (APIs). The first product managed by SyncGEM™ is the SyncPORT™ device.

Prof Charles Curry, managing director of Chronos Technology said "With over 25 years' experience of working with telecom operators, Chronos recognises the requirement for phase sync at the edge of today's mobile networks and has developed products that will give operators the confidence they need to deploy LTE services across their networks." He added "Other OTTSync™ products are currently in development and announcements will be made shortly."

Richard Lansdowne, senior director at Semtech said "Utilising Semtech technology, these new solutions from Chronos are solving the very real challenges operators and vendors are facing as they attempt to deploy phase synchronisation cost effectively in very complex networks that will support TDD and LTE-A wireless technologies."

Semtech's ToPSync timing devices deliver high-precision IEEE1588v2-based clock synchronization on IP networks. ToPSync devices are deployed in more than 100 carrier networks and meet the challenges of the 4G time-aligned technologies as the growth in small cells accelerates.

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