Christmas Packaging and Preventative Measures

In the time leading up to the holiday season logistics become very important. Getting the right people to the right place, with the right support materials (e.g. food and gifts), is on top of many peoples' minds. CBS reports that FedEx, UPS, and the USPS expect to deliver 290 million, 585 million, and 470 million packages during this years' holiday season. These companies care about delivering the goods they were tasked with on time and in working condition.

In the consumer market these two factors are never more important than the holidays, specific items and specific dates combine to create recipes for bliss or disaster. In the business to business world, especially in the manufacturing sector, the condition of deliveries and their timeliness is paramount throughout the year.

Packaging is often overlooked or seen as an afterthought to this goal, but when a product gets delivered in subpar condition, it does not matter why it failed only that it did. At Pure-Stat we pride ourselves at serving our customers' needs so that they can deliver their products to their customers without fear of failures due to packaging. We specialize in ESD and Shielding packaging which can protect even the most sensitive or clean components during transit and storage.

Our 20+ years of experience and ISO-9001 manufacturing operation give us the confidence to say that if you can build it, catch it, or mine it, we can help you protect it. We are completely vertically integrated, so "things" do not get lost between manufacturing facilities – we build it from the ground up, to ensure that you and your products have the state of the art in ESD protective packaging. As they say, getting the product delivered is only part of the equation, the product needs to arrive safely and fully functional – the correct ESD packaging will help ensure that the product is fully protected for both short term and long term protection periods.

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