Chicago Metallic® Seismic Products Help Marian Regional Medical Center with Performance and Aesthetics

(Chicago) - Opened in May 2012, Marian Regional Medical Center is one of the first California hospitals to use Chicago Metallic’s 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip, as approved by California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development (OSHPD).

Following the 1994 Northridge earthquake, California passed a law requiring higher seismic standards established by the OSHPD and the California Building Code. Meeting the most stringent of these criteria, Dignity Health built Marian Regional Medical Center, a new $210 million, four-story acute care facility.

Designed by Moon Mayoras Architects, Inc. and constructed by Kitchell, Marian Regional Medical Center’s exterior matches the California Mission-style of the neighborhood. “The appearance was very important to the local community,” emphasizes Tim Simons, project manager with Moon Mayoras. “The building is located within a residential community and was essential that it blended with the surrounding architecture.”

As part of Santa Barbara County’s healthy future, Simons reports that the local area residents already have welcomed the building as a landmark representing their community. The area’s agricultural landscape inspires the interior, designed Brandt Design Group Inc. The finishes, furnishings and artwork highlight cinnamon, pinot noir and sage green colors. Throughout the building, the new hospital focuses on cultivating patient care and creating comfort within a healing environment.

Doubling the size of the previous hospital, the new 191-bed, spans nearly 240,000 square feet. During an 18-month period, Martin Integrated installed Chicago Metallic’s 1200 Seismic Suspension System and innovative 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip throughout the facility.

“Our 15/16-inch 1200 Seismic ceiling suspension systems are the industry standard for suspended ceilings, and the 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip is the essential component that works behind the scenes to meet the International Code Council (ICC) seismic performance requirements,” says Chicago Metallic’s district manager Tom Prukop.

As an approved alternative construction method for all Seismic Design Categories (SDCs), Chicago Metallic’s 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip attaches to a wall angle, main runner and cross-tees that support ceiling tiles. For the SDC D associated with Marian Regional Medical Center, the use of the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) recognized, seismic perimeter clip may replace the 2-inch wall angle with a 15/16-inch wall angle and eliminate the need for spacer bars.

To gain OSHPD’s approval, Chicago Metallic provided detailed documentation including engineering analysis by Miyamoto International, Inc., an independent, internationally renowned structural and earthquake engineering firm.

Tyler Hovivian, project manager with Martin Integrated, explains, “Installing 2-inch wall angles is a nightmare, not just from the time and materials, but also from an aesthetic point-of-view. When an architect or designer looks at it, they see a large obtrusive angle [and an] unevenness in the drywall. The drywall has a stringent tolerance of no more than 1/8-inch variance. With the 2-inch wall angles, the drywall looks like it undulates. Chicago Metallic’s system is much more flexible and you don’t have to rework the drywall. They’ve cut out several steps for us.”

He continues, “Chicago Metallic’s 1496 Clip and 15/16-inch [1200] suspension system presented an extreme cost savings to both the owner and to us as the installing contractor. It’s a methodical, simple system that offers an opportunity for highly efficient labor and meets the criteria required by OSHPD. I estimate it’s three times more expensive to use the system prescribed by OSHPD and that Chicago Metallic’s approved alternate system is three to four times more efficient labor-wise. It’s so much faster and cost effective.”

Today, Marian Regional Medical Center is recognized as one of the top hospitals in the state and nation for low infection rates and patient safety. Contributing to ongoing safety, the facility and its site have been fitted with seismic instrumentation that sends real-time data to the California Geological Survey with the goals of providing early warning earthquake detection and optimizing buildings for the next generation.

Marian Regional Medical Center; Santa Maria, Calif.;

Owner: Dignity Health; San Francisco;

Architect of Record: Moon Mayoras Architects, Inc.; San Diego;

Interior Designer: Brandt Design Group Inc., Valley Center, Calif.;

Contractors: Construction manager: Kitchell, San Diego;

Structural and earthquake engineering firm: Miyamoto International, Inc.; Sacramento, Calif.;

Installing contractor: Martin Integrated, Orange, Calif.;

Ceiling system manufacturer: Chicago Metallic Products; Chicago; 1200 Seismic Suspension 15/16-inch Grid System with 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip;

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