Chemically Accelerated Surface Finishing

How Accelerate Surface Finishing (ASF) Works

ASF uses a surface active compound that forms a soft film on the surface of the metal part. Nonabrasive media removes the soft film from the high or peaks of the part surface leaving the valleys untouched. The soft film is removed, exposing a new metal surface which will reform the soft film. This continuous forming and removal of the soft coating accelerates the finishing of the metal surface. The peaks are removed (high media contact) while the valleys are untouched (no media contact)

Advantages of Accelerated Surface Finishing

o Achieve low RMS finishes without heavy metal removal or radiusing

o Achieve negative skew values by removing surface peaks while retaining micro valleys for lubricant retention

o Reduce friction, lower torque requirements and minimize surface wear thereby reducing operation temperatures

o Refine surfaces to mirror-like brightness and very low surface roughness

o Precision components are imparted with a "Run-In" surface condition

o Increase fatigue life

The incorporation of accelerated chemistry has increased the versatility of vibratory finishing and has enabled manufactures reap the benefits of the isotropic finish generated by the process economically. The racing industry has recognized these benefits for some time and you can see that other industries are now beginning to see potential that wasn't available to them previously.


A local screw machine house manufactures a nut for a motorcycle component which requires a very smooth and bright finish prior to getting plated. They were tumbling this part for 20 plus hours in order to achieve a desired RMS finish and brightness. Using the ASF process enabled us to reduce this time down to 6 hours and we achieved a smoother, brighter finish with much less radius on the corners of the nut.
Ring and Pinion and gear sets are also run in our shop using the ASF process to improve the surface finish on the teeth. This results in increased fatigue life, and reduced friction thereby reducing operating temperatures.

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