Chemical-Free Machine kills disease-carrying, winged insects.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for use on farms as well as in factories and warehouses, Mosquito Pro uses ultraviolet light, optimum temperature, and other techniques to attract and exterminate winged insects. Spark-free machine, without require use of chemicals or adhesives, quietly and efficiently traps insects and prevents their escape. Dust box conceals trapped insects from view and facilitates disposal of their corpses.

Original Press Release:

Mosquito Pro

JM Science offers the Mosquito Pro as a solution to combat the threat of the diseases that winged insects transmit. The Mosquito Pro is a machine that attracts and exterminates winged insects quietly and effectively while leaving them unseen. The device is a great chemical-free solution for indoor areas that attract insects such as farms, factories and warehouses. It uses a combination of ultraviolet light, optimum temperature and other patented techniques that trap insects in the machine and preventing them from escaping. Featuring an exclusive dust box, trapped insects are concealed from view and easy to dispose of. The machine is quiet, spark free, and does not require the use of chemicals or adhesives.

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