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Chemical Foaming Agents enhance pipe and profile extrusion.

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Mar 04, 2014 - Formulated for use in foamed pipe and profile extrusion, exothermic XO-459 and XO-468 can reduce required amount of foaming agent while yielding lighter extruded profiles and allowing for processing at cooler temperatures. While XO-459 CFA, provided as pellets, helps improve line speeds 2%–4% in ABS pipe extrusion, XO-468, provided as pelletized masterbatches, improves cell structure in PVC pipe extrusion.

Bergen Engines - Indianapolis, IN

Original Press Release

Bergen International LLC Introduces New Chemical Foaming Agents for Use in Pipe and Profile Extrusion

Press release date: Feb 25, 2014

New XO-459 CFA May Improve Line Speeds by 2-4% in ABS Pipe Extrusion, and XO-468 Provides Improved Cell Structure in PVC Pipe Extrusion

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, N.J. -- Bergen International's new exothermic, XO-459 and XO-468 chemical foaming agents have been specifically formulated for use in foamed pipe and profile extrusion. These chemical foaming agents can reduce the amount of foaming agent required versus CFAs from other industry suppliers. They can also increase extrusion line speed - as much as 2-4% improvement has been achieved in ABS pipe extrusion versus industry standard. In addition, they yield lighter extruded profiles, and users can target profile weight. These CFAs also allow for processing at cooler temperatures.

Provided as pellets, XO-459 is recommended for ABS pipe and other profile extrusion. Provided as pelletized masterbatches, XO-468 is designed for use in PVC pipe and other profile extrusion.

Bergen International's Foamazol(TM), XO, and XOP chemical foaming agents are available for use in most plastic applications such as pipe, profile and sheet extrusion; injection, structural foam, and rotational molding; blown and extruded films; wire and cable extrusion; blow molded containers; polypropylene ribbon extrusion and others.  Foamazol(TM) CFAs are available in endothermic, exothermic and endo/exo blends. Forms include pelletized masterbatches and powders. Products are available for use with a range of resins such as PP, PE, copolymers, PS, PPO, and PPE. Custom formulations are also available. Bergen International LLC, 411 State Hwy 17, Suite 100, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604

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