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Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) is the process during which precision polishing machines use a fine ceramic slurry to make wafer surfaces as flat (planar) as possible.

Fluid Metering's pumps are used for both the chemical formulation of the slurry, as well as maintaining the mechanical properties of the slurry during the planarization process through the addition of hydrogen peroxide and D.I. Water.

Following the planarization process, FMI Pumps are used for Post CMP Cleaning, a process requiring the metering of Ammonium Hydroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide for removal of residual slurry from the polished wafer surface. Post CMP Cleaning is critical for preparation of the wafer for photo-lithography processes that follow.

FMI Pumps are ideal for CMP and Post CMP Fluid Delivery because FMI pump's internal parts are made of sapphire-hard, chemically resistant ceramics which resist both mechanical wear and chemical attack. FMI's unique valveless pumping principal utilizes a rotating and reciprocating piston to accomplish both pumping and valving functions with one moving part. Eliminating valves from the pumping process increases accuracy and reliability, as well as eliminating the associated pump maintenance.

Fluid Metering has worked closely with the Semi-Conductor industry to configure pumps and pumping systems specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of wafer manufacturing. FMI's valveless pump product line includes component models designed for integration into OEM semiconductor tools, as well as systems designed for process & production automation.

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