Check Valves in CSO/SSO Systems

(CARNEGIE, PA - August 25, 2009) - When a combined sewer and sanitary sewer overflow system allows water to flow back to the sewage treatment plant, the result is unnecessary treatment of additional water. The Tideflex® Check Valve prevents the back flow by closing with the backpressure from the receiving body of water.

The TF-1 Curved Bill Tideflex® Check Valve was specifically designed for CSO/SSO manhole installations. The curved bill of the TF-1 enhances sealing, requires less bottom clearance and can hold greater water weight than the original Tideflex® Check Valve designed in 1984. The valve is constructed entirely of rubber, making it immune to rust, corrosion and weathering. The curved bill offers increased flexibility to better seal around entrapped debris, and the headloss of the valve remains exceptionally low. Sizes are available to 96".

For more information on Tideflex® check valves, air diffusers, effluent diffusers and the unique Tideflex® Mixing System for potable water mixing, contact Tideflex Technologies Inc., 300 Bilmar Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15205, 412-919-0919, fax: 412-919-0918, email:, web:

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Erin M. Athey
Marketing Manager

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