Charge Mode Accelerometer withstands ultra-high temperatures.

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Packaged in hermetically sealed stainless steel housing, Model 3218C is designed to measure vibration of surfaces at temperatures up to 900°F. It utilizes stable crystal material in self generating seismic element and has 2 ft integral hard line cable assembly with ceramic-to-metal sealed connector. Installed by using three 8-32 x ½ in. long socket head cap screws, device has sensitivity of 1.6 pC/g.

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Ultra High Temperature Charge Mode Accelerometer, Model 3218C

Chatsworth, CA - August 26, 2009 - Dytran Instruments, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new ultra high temperature accelerometer. Model 3218C is a charge mode accelerometer designed to measure vibration of surfaces at temperatures up to +900° F. This accelerometer utilizes ultra stable crystal material in its selfgenerating seismic element.

Model 3218C is packaged in a hermetically sealed stainless steel housing, has a sensitivity of 1.6 pC/g and exhibits extreme stability over a wide temperature range. This unit has a two-foot integral hard line cable assembly, with a ceramic-to-metal sealed connector.

The 3218C is installed by use of three factory supplied 8-32 x ½ inch long socket head cap screws. The mounting screws thread into 3 matching threaded holes which must be provided in the mounting surface.

Model 3218C may be used with various differential charge amplifiers of the vibration type (as opposed to the DC coupled electrostatic types). Dytran recommends the in-line charge amplifier 4707 Series for use with the 3218C. This inexpensive charge amplifier adapts the 3218C for use with any IEPE (constant current type) power unit.

To learn more about Model 3218C, please contact us at Priced at $725.

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Established in 1980, Dytran Instruments, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric and DC accelerometers, force and pressure transducers, and associated electronics. Dytran products are used extensively in aerospace, test and measurement and industrial applications. Additionally, Dytran products are widely utilized for on-board measurements in a variety of aerospace, commercial, and military applications.

Dytran maintains a world-class manufacturing facility in Chatsworth (Los Angeles) California. This vertically integrated facility includes engineering, administrative, manufacturing, and automated machining capabilities. Dytran products are available worldwide via a network of distributors and representatives.

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